Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

This Moment

Learning - about having an identity and cultural colonisation (I'm lost too!)
Deciding - which pattern to knit next - hat or scarf?
Wishing - that I had a lot more motivation
Drinking - Aussie tea
Reading - the blurb of this and desperate to read but little time to get into a book

Pondering - how the new principal will go
Considering - schools for a kid for next year
Buying - new squishy divine wool
Liking - home grown veges and cyclamens

Wearing - lots and lots of merino jerseys and tights and knitted goodness

Giggling - at Oliver Jeffer's new picture book
Needing - a brain for critiquing articles (HARD!)
Watching - nothing - news blackout for me and I watch very little tv anyway
Hoping - a pass - a pass
Getting - a TON of new books
Opening - sweet mail of wooly goodness

Looking - at my university ring binder - opening it a bit more would be good!
Smelling - new soaps
Admiring - a principal who has 6 kids (yikes - doing both jobs!)
Feeling - colder than normal
Making - 2 cardigans, 2 pairs of socks and either a hat or a scarf! Too much on the go...
Enjoying - nights in with good winter food (home made pie pastry and all)

Wanting - more time
Loving - families on holiday together

Monday, 21 July 2014

A Little Bit of Wonderful Colour Swap

Miriam did a wonderful colour swap a while back. I so loved doing this swap!
My partner was the wonderful Elaina - you can see in her post the goodies I sent her. (Oh! I have not knitted a dishcloth for over a month and so miss doing them! Usually I knit lots over the hols, but did so little knitting these school hols!)

Two weeks ago, about 10 minutes before we left for Australia, I could see a dark shadow on the other side of the front door (like a lot of NZ houses we have "holes" - yes we can see daylight coming right under our front door where there is a gap of a few millimetres!) - courier package! This was ripped into very fast, as we had to get to the airport and do a "park and ride shuttle bus thing" to the terminal.

OH MY. I had to leave the house and leave it all behind! :( It was sent to me by the lovely Sarah:

Sarah really hit the nail on the head with me - yellow, orange, tea, writing and knitting! The embroidery is stunning and as all my friends say, it is SO ME! It is now on top of my bookcase in "my corner". The tea cup and saucer sets (6 of them) were picked up from an op shop - ain't they just the most daintiest sweetest little things ever? Loving the yellow tea tin and the tea - a new tea for me (A T2 shop is a few suburbs over from me and I probably get to the shop once a year!). Sarah also sewed some funky notecards too. An amazing swap package - Sarah's first ever bloggy swap ever too. She did very well - I did extremely well from such a generous and divine swap! Thank you so much Sarah.
And to Miriam too for swap a cool swap idea!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

simple things

There is nothing like the simple art of kite flying to really relax on holiday. Just a week ago at Noosa, Coolum and Sunshine beaches on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.
(I think we like stripey things:) ). Invested in a decent more expensive kite too, which really was something we should have done years ago!
Now I am wrapped up in 3 layers of merino and knitted socks freezing my butt off. We've run out of firewood too and have just gone and bought 2 more heaters for the house. Heatpumps are on too - something we do not normally use during the day! A great holiday and missing the warmth right now.

Friday, 18 July 2014

High Tea

It's five degrees folks - now that is CRAZY for Auckland during the day time!

Today -

 A wonderful high tea/morning tea for the school office lady for her birthday. Now I happen to think office ladies hold schools together! Here's to a happy birthday and a good term with a new principal - interesting times for a school! We think we should make this a permanent fixture on the last day of the school hols before school goes back. My china cups and plates and one of my most adored treasures - a linen tablecloth crocheted by my Nana - a 21st birthday gift to me.
 Lots and lots of laundry being done these past sunny days - freezing cold, but with the sun on it pretty dry if you hang it out early enough. I still hang washing outside late after noon for the next day - this would have been frozen this morning!
 daffodils and iris love in the sun
Just ordered some cascade 220 wool from Holland Road Yarns in Wellington to make me this exact hat in the identical wool.

Hoping everyone has had safe and peaceful hols. A sad end with the M17 Malaysian airlines flight - we have taken that exact flight in the past.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

new sweet things

Of course I did a wee bit of shopping in Australia. Shoes - my (first) pair of (spotty) Toms - so comfortable and two bargain pairs from Target at $10/15 each! LOVE.
Books for school - OH SO CHEAP! Chapter books from $5-13. Billy B Brown are very popular and I can never have enough copies of the Wimpy Kid books (they grow legs and walk....). And such divine picture books for $14-16. Ruby Red Shoes is such a delight - the words and illustrations.
Tea - of course - in large amounts!
Top Shop (coming to Auckland later in the year and it is gonna be chaos in there) and sweet sweet floral underwear. I thought I really was too old and too un-hip though overall to be in there! But I really did like that they had a petite section - so hard to find for us shorties!
And very, very delighted to have found some Johnson of Australia crockery in Lifeline at Coolum Beach - love, love, love!! (oh the groans from the others when op-shops were spotted, but I was driving, so I had power! Hee hee.) I have just made Elaina's lemon slice - hers looks better and the photography is definitely better!

Any great finds in shops these hols?

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


We are home. And sitting at home until school goes back. (I might run in on Friday - lots of new books to deal with.)
I adore travelling and especially with my boys. They are big city boys, and no, Auckland is not a big city to them. I want them to see the world when young and to leave New Zealand and go and live somewhere else too. They loved Brisbane. I guess there are good things and bad things about both NZ and Australia, but lately, after 4 trips to Australia in 15 months, Australia is doing more for me than NZ...
We have lived there before and still have a family business in Melbourne. I am not sure if I could actually make the real move back there - at least not until the oldest had finished high school in 3 years. The other two I could haul out now. But the thing that holds me back is my school. (Not my family as most live overseas too). Crazy for a school huh?
Australia - we like public transport. We like fairly reasonable house prices. We like $2 for 2 L of milk and $2 boxes of nutrigrain. We like cosmopolitan cities. We like much cheaper books. We like all the walking and biking and family friendly cities. The endless places to go for little trips. The sensible driving. The wildlife. The cheaper power and petrol.
I guess life is what you make of it. All I see in NZ is the ordinary people struggling with high prices for everything and low wages. No-one going anywhere. A lot of stressed people. People living way beyond their means and trying to keep up with the Joneses. A broken education system which is failing every child under National Standards. And not enough money to give children below or above anything much.Schools that are killing themselves over images and children arriving at other schools well below where they should be starting. And the government not really giving a toss about the average kiwi.
But I will keep on trucking on in a country which I think is struggling. Keep on doing my best for my family and school and my education.And fully realising that we lucky with what we can do as a family and appreciating what we do have.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Sunshine and pelicans

We are in Noosa and Brisbane in Queeensland, Australia for a week - just what I needed. Sunny, warm weather. The weather is rubbish at home and is forecast for a lot more days to be the same too.
This is our first overseas holiday all together a family in 5 years - one of the best things we have done for a long time! Pelicans - a neat surprise!