Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 8 February 2016

My Dottie Angel Dress

Has been a lovely 3 day weekend spent at home. I'd only been back at work for 3 days after a 47 day break so really it didn't really feel like anything special...
The Superbowl is on NZ tv for the first time (well it might have been on before, but since we have never had pay tv...). I have no idea what is going on and it is stop, start and tv ads every few minutes. Also can't get over why there are so many people on the sideline. I have have no idea what their role is?!
Anyway I've been standing there doing an entire summer's worth of ironing (under the air con of course!). One item I just ironed was my Dottie Angel Dress which I finished last night.
I am as proud as punch with it! I am sure it is not perfect, but I do love it so and know it will be worn a lot.

The gorgeous tree fabric is an organic Cloud9 "moody blues" by geninne. I picked it up from Spotlight and paid all of $26 for it! The linen was from Centrepoint Fabrics in Newmarket and the two tiny pieces probably cost about $3.
I read an awful lot of other blogger's posts on making this dress and took my time over it. I did ditch the seam binding with bias binding and also did not do the french seams on the sides of the dresses.
I found sewing the pockets on tricky with the bias binding but tacked around the edges first which helped. (not sure if the pockets are perfectly arranged and my pleat was a new thing to me).
The tucks in the side of the dress where the ties go under were new to me too. I also noticed that many people thought the ties were too highly placed for them but seemed pretty perfect for me.
I sewed up the sleeves then the sides; then un-picked and did them the other way round. I think it came out better this way for me - the sleeves were noted as being something to watch!

Overall - love. Directions not too hard to follow for me. I will most certainly sew again (and have fabric all ready to go). You can certainly tweak the pattern to suit - the options for fabric/adornements etc are limitless!
I am very proud of the first ever dress I have sewn. (now you need a pic of me in it - I'll wear it to school tomorrow where the fashion police - the students ;) - can critique!)

Friday, 5 February 2016

Five on Friday

End of a 4 day working week, with a 3 day weekend coming right up (due to Waitangi Day) - perfect!
Five random photos from Dunedin/Central Otago...

 and five random things this week -

I am partaking in a Month Of Letters. Every night I write to a penfriend or catch up on sending postcards. Or send Swap-bot things out or packages for bloggy swaps. Loving it. No mail this week, which is highly unusual. Snail mail is the bees knees. I am always on the lookout for more penfriends by the way..

We have Indian takeaways every Friday night. Love it. We either get takeaways from Tiffin or Satya.
Top notch food from both places.

Everyone is all settled back into school - more news today with the year 13 kid - he got 2% behind his mate Timo in the AS Computer Science exam - It was announced today that Timo got Top of New Zealand for his mark! We are thrilled for both boys, but really totally stoked with our own year 13. An incredible result!

I've put myself on a cash budget. I am trying not to spend more than $500 a week. That covers food/petrol/postage and whatever else I usually use my credit card for (wool/books/stationery...ahem). (does not cover rates/water/power/internet/insurance). This is under what I'd spend on my credit card usually and so far, it IS working wonders. 2 more days of the week to go and I have not even spent half of my weekly sum. The husband does a lot of the food shopping, but I am just trying to keep wasteful, discretionary spending by ME down! It does help when one does not go anywhere near the local shopping centre for anything! (None of us need a thing at the moment either!). I have proven to myself for 2 months now that I can live without shopping aimlessy (obviously Hong Kong and my little impulse road trip with the cousin - first time we have travelled together ever or spent more than 2-3 hours together in our entire lives! - were exceptions!)
I am also putting every bit of coinage in a money box till the last day of 2016!

And we have rain today! But best of all, the temperature has dropped and the humidity! Whew!

Happy weekending everyone! Joining in with Amy

Thursday, 4 February 2016

more Hong Kong

I can't believe it was only 3 weeks ago that we were in Hong Kong. We are all back at school and/or work (last kid went back to school yesterday) and life seems to be normal again! The scrambling for uniforms/school lunches/stationery thing in the morning. My school has lots of new teachers - it is an exciting year coming up. I've been covering piles of delicious new books, meeting new students and sorting beginning of the year stuff out.

Lots of shopping photos here - no IKEA in New Zealand nor H & M nor Gap (but really not that thrilled with either H&M or Gap  - few tees for boys and socks, tights and underwear bought here).
Supermarkets are fascinating, no matter what country you are in (even Australian and English supermarkets send me ga-ga - HA! First aisle always - tea! And organic tampons! ha! Actually those were virtually impossible to find in any shop in HK!). There were many foodstuffs we had no idea of what they are. Junk food was incredibly cheap and the boys in heaven with the much much bigger variety! Even the bulk packets of things like toothpaste and cleaning stuff - you buy ones of everything in NZ.... the fruit and veges were fab. As was the local market near our hotel - fascinating - watching the butcher and the fish mongers was very cool! I learnt we are SO ripped off with grocery prices in NZ (way more expensive than both Australia and England too! We have little compettion in NZ).  Hong Kong prices were very cheap to us. Eating out very good locally - the Hard Rock CafĂ© meal (had to show the boys one of those!) and an Italian meal one night blew my weekly pay... but you know gotta have these experiences while travelling.
I truly think a trawl around a foreign supermarket is a great thing to do - takes us a couple of hours always!
Eslite bookstore was incredible - we all bought a couple of books each - spent hours in there! The children's books were so cute!
I bought a wallet and a shopper's bag at Cath Kidston (bar my key ring -my first ever CK purchases!).
I cracked up at the Christmas jerseys in H & M - actually I did love this one, but no-one wears these in NZ...
And Hallmark was a new to me shop too  - 4 packs of notecards later (virtually cannot buy packs like this in NZ! They were cheap!!).
One could spend a serious amount of money in that city!! I'm glad that the husband thought we did not over shop bringing home 55kg of luggage between us (limit was 150 !! kg).