Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bunny love

I bought these gorgeous recycled blanket bunnies at a school gala a few weeks ago - love them! I am sure I could make some myself - have never made pompoms and have plenty of wool, so maybe it is something I should try these school holidays... They are for a niece and nephew, but might not make it as I think they are adorable...
one more sleep and it is the holidays. Quite, quite happy to have 2 weeks off work. very little planned apart from weeks of study to catch up on and write another essay due in a month...
These are the lovely retro icecream sundae glasses (I know there is another word for them - someone tell me. I am brain dead...), hundreds and thousands (sent as Taz
who organised the swap has a cool magazine called "Hundreds and Thousands") and yummy organic chocolate sauce that I received from Monique as part of the Vintage recipe swap. What a great gift! Fabulous idea. We now need to buy icecream - perfect treat for hols! The littlest has been putting chocolate sauce on his apple pieces - ha!
Any Easter traditions in your house?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Vintage Recipe Swap

I joined in with a very cool vintage kitchen swap over at I swapped with the lovely Monique (who has no blog.)My divine goodies arrived today. I will show you what she sent tomorrow as just realised that my camera battery needs to be recharged. But this is what I sent her -
I found the sweet plate at Crafternoon Tea in Kingsland - I don't frequent there too often as I find too many things I have to have and I really don't have to have them.... :).
A dishcloth (started knitting more this past week and have also found 2 new patterns - yay. Perfect timing for school hols). A favourite recipe using kumara and courgettes/zucchini. Tea and chocolate from New Zealand seem to be well appreciated overseas always. Love swaps - if anyone knows of any current ones happening - please let me know!

Saturday, 12 April 2014


in shorts and tee still | gorgeous summer weather still | lots of laundry done | tomatoes and beans pulled out and pots ready for more winter veges | Autumn leaves raked up | big spring clean in lounge areas and furniture moved around and de-cluttering | New bookcase ordered and looking at a Scandinavian style hallway table to buy | essay writing - deadline Monday. YIKES> Who knew you could write 2000 words on a picture book. Pedantic style of an academic essay and a new reference style to me (APA) doing my head in - once again. |

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Out of the ark?

After just buying my middle child new tramping boots (size 10!) and a new swish Kathmandu school bag (which alone was my day's pay! - I have learnt not to buy cheap school bags but the one bought for $50 at the beginning of the year when it was half price is stuffed already...)- I ran into JB Hi-fi and bought some cds - I have not bought any for ages. I have 2 I-pods and of course a phone, but never use them for music (in fact I-pods have not been used for a loooong time!).
I am stoked that I have all 5 of the Thompson twin cds for $10 ! And 10,000 maniacs back catalogue for $10 too. And bought the new Neil Finn cd and a Neil Finn/Paul Kelly compilation - bit of a splurge. I listen to cds when driving to/from school. The husband just cracked up at me buying cds - he thinks I should just I-tune everything... but I love the real thing. (much like books and e-books...)Do you think cds are from the ark?
I made this sweet dishcloth over the past couple of nights - I wrote the pattern down from a blog, but I cannot remember which one now! Autumn is here BUT we have had such a humid past few days and I al still in summer sleeveless frocks.
>br> And yet another sock - a pair finished in 2 weeks.
The tomatoes are dead and the beans nearly too - we have been watering all the new winter veges, but figure the beans and tomatoes were near the end. We have had such a successful garden this summer. We now seriously need rain.
I have an essay to fine tune before Sunday night - still little motivation with this university paper - end of term at school is crazy and we have our old principal's funeral tomorrow. Virtually the entire staff is going - it will be hard.
I need the holidays...

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


We said goodbye to our school principal last December. Yesterday he passed away. It has been a very weird day today - trying to carry on as normal, but students (especially year 7/8 who have known him all their school days) plopping themselves down beside me at my desk to talk about him/ death/ memories etc.
I found out before most staff and drove up the motorway with tears stremaing down my face. Took a kid to music and sat in car, listening to Coldplay and more tears streaming down my face.
Some people are really really amazing. My principal was one of them. He had led this school for over ten years. Working in a low decile school is HARD yakka - far more than most people realise. (I am involved in schools at both ends of the spectrum and both have their struggles, but I still believe we have a bigger battle at the lower end.)
He worked tirelessy , battling MOE for our rights, having groups of kids in his office all the time, chasing families up, buying kids toys, taking furniture into homes, etc etc.
he will be hugely missed - a memorial wall will go up in my library tomorrow. It is okay to cry in front of students too.
Cancer sucks in a big way. Goodbye John. (more tears now streaming down my face.)

Thursday, 3 April 2014


I cannot believe a week has gone by! I have been crazy busy. So manic dealing with school, that it has left me exhausted every day after school. Very little university work has been done... I have spent 1.5 hours working on an essay tonight and I want it finished and sent in by this Monday for critiquing. But then I have tutorial stuff to catch up on...
I have had 2.5 hours of parent teacher interviews.
I have spent 2 hours today with an educational psychologist and a kid - man that helps to explain A LOT .It is exhausting going through this all over again 4 years on... But now I have to go back to the school and have long discussions... then I turn up at my school with yet another back log.
School holidays cannot come soon enough in this house. We are not going away, due to the oldest having exams a week after hols...
Some sock knitting has been done - very good stress reliever for me, even if it means stuff that has to be done is not getting done...
RAIN! Right now!! Thank you God. Keep it raining!!
A fabulous stationery swap with Lisa here - go and sign up. Just discovered Kikki K has an amazing new range out called Uppsala... Lots of goodness right there in one shop.... eeeeekkkkk.... I am too tired to up load photos... hopefully I will catch up on sleep tonight too. Now I am going to take myself to bed and listen to the rain - a glorious pleasure of which we have not had for a long time!

Friday, 28 March 2014

Share Your Country Swap - USA and overview of swap

in my Share your country swap I also swapped with the lovely Dawn. (you can see what she has written about what I sent her too. We are swapping more wool, as she and friends have gone ga-ga over wool with possum in it!)
Dawn is a clever clogs - she lives on a farm in Maine and spins and dyes wool from her sheep, makes soap, and lipbalms and shops at very cool local farmy businesses. I'd love to do that in NZ - we are a huge farming country, but I know of very little businesses that sell local,in other shops, other than at farmers markets. Dawn sent an awesome big bag from a local festival, gorgeous smelling soap, a lotion bar and lipbalm,Cadbury Easter eggs (I had no idea Cadbury was in the USA either, but we do not get these eggs here - I can find UK made ones though) - might or might not share with the boys :) , and some of her beautiful, beautiful wool. And a keyring too. (i love key rings and have a multitude of them on my lanyard! Keys are very important at school!)

I loved hosting this swap. Thank you dawn for a thoughtful package.
Go here, here, here, here, to see what others sent and received in my swap so far. There are so many creative, amazing , generous bloggers out there. I have serious craft skills jealousy!