Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 25 July 2016

Winners of the giveaway

Linny (Down Under) and Ellie (Top of the World) - you lucky two are my winners. Please e-mail me at Kimberley(at) with  - your mailing address and I'll pop the goodies in the post asap.

(might not be this week).

I've just made the horrid discovery of a 1000 word essay due in FOUR days - lecturer e-mailed today with a mistake in the university guide - instead of a 200 word quick paraphrase thing, they want the entire essay. Oh boy!! University only started a week ago!

Very busy at school with new term and dozens more new books arriving today; National Library books; putting old shelving back in and moving half of the library book stock around.. it's all go,go,go. The class has moved into a new classroom - tis very quiet all of a sudden.

Have a great week.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Ooh-er - spoilt!

I've a very good teenager bringing me back divine Liberty of London clothing from Uniqlo and stationery from Muji in Melbourne. I didn't even know there was a Muji in Melb!

The husband and him have been over there for business and the teen looking at Melbourne University (sadly foiled as has not done maths in his last year of high school which he needs for entrance. Australian universities have MUCH higher entrance levels than New Zealand universities - of which only 48% of NZ students achieved NZ entrance last year too!). He adores the city and really wants to move back there after living there as a young child.

Simple little things like this I love and make me happy!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016


I've had 3 full days by myself (husband and eldest in Melbourne; middle hanging out with mates and youngest doing a theatre programme) and have rather enjoyed it.

Next week I basically start a 55 hour week regime through to the middle of November... I've doubled my university workload with 25 hours study a week and condensed working hours into 4 days. I'm quite looking forward to a day's mental break from school every week.

I have attempted to make a decent start with university this week around stopping to clean showers, vacuum clean, sort out a 3-4 week backlog of laundry and ironing (it's done! it's all done!!), baking, picking junk up from one room and putting in next room etc, op shop drop offs etc.
I'm happy to be going back to school with a pretty well sorted house!

I've finished a sock which I adore...

A well-meaning friend told me about Marks and Spencers delivering to New Zealand with free postage over $50... (I seriously think their clothing etc is a lot cheaper than I remember 20 years ago) - hello new stationery and gorgeous plain tees (my original lot from 2009 are still perfect and have never lost their shape!) and a skirt and a pair of shoes on their way...

And some cute sneakers picked up in Adelaide for $10 !
One of the 3 winter wool clubs I have signed up for arrived today -

And I'm delighted that my tulips and daffodils are popping up - I have not grown either for over 20 years!

Lots of little things which make me happy!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Adelaide Central Market

Oh what an absolute gem the Adelaide Central Market was. We went mid afternoon where it was so easy to wander around with few crowds. I'd be here weekly if I lived in Adelaide.

Food was wonderful everywhere in Adelaide -
I recommend -

Bang Bang on Hindley Street
Jamie Oliver's Italian on King William Street
Bread and Bone on Peel Street
La Rambla Tapas Bar on Peel Street

Sunday, 17 July 2016

back to back trips

I felt guilty going away and leaving the boys at home, so a day after I got back home from Adelaide, we jumped into the car for a road trip to Rotorua. Man, the TRAFFIC both ways. What should have been a 2.5 hour trip, turned into 3-4.5 hour drives... ugh. I know it's the school hols and such, but sheesh.

The boys call it Roto-ruined now anyway, mainly due to a massive accommodation bungle on the motel's part, which left us in a dump of a place (that the original place moved us to after many, many, many phone calls trying to find a place) , of which we abandoned and got the last, the very last, hotel room in all of town (for a whopping price too, but when teenage boys won't touch the kitchenware nor get into the shower due to the utter filth, we just walked out! I could not even be bothered complaining... ).

Rotorua was packed - I've never seen it so busy! We tried to go luging/up the gondolas three times, but after circling the carpark and seeing queues out the door all 3 times, we left.

But we did go to one of the most stunning volcanic/thermal valleys this morning at Waimangu. It was not the best weather, but we did the 1.5 hour self-touring walk. Incredible, amazing, just stunning. Lots of pics.... This country is just amazing.