Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

running out of time....

well what can I say? It's still stinking hot! Great for hanging washing outside everyday. We did just replace the 15 year old clothes drier (on sale, but really I am such a frugal user of it, so we didn't even look at a very energy efficient model. Even in winter it would only get used 2-3 times a month but with the storm last week it did get used twice in a week. I would detest not being able to hang laundry outside!).

It's kinda been a finish all the things week - I only have 12 days until university supposedly starts (*still* waiting for confirmation of degree being completed, although Univ. of Auckland tell me to just turn up on day one - I've been to see them in person as with still being un-conditional I know zero!) and I'm thinking "have I done all I wanted to do in my time off?".

(^^ I'm now starting to get very mad with my original university as Univ. of Auckland have bought me to a halt - I can't even enrol in classes due to no final transcript and I found out some classes are already full - they will open more - but I may not get my choice of a timetable and also may get charged late enrolment fees when nothing is my fault at all. I'm now ringing the university every day!)

The middle child went to Vietnam yesterday morning with about 20 other students on a year 12/13 History trip. That will be the most incredible adventure! It was a rush around buying a few new wardrobe items - it's when I realise how little shopping I do a year for teens now - only 1-2 shops a year for both clothing and shoes! That's pretty good. He gets his year 11 NCEA (NZ's stupid school system in years 11/12/13) results while he is away, so I had to beg for his password - ha.

The eldest has gone done south on his first ever road trip with mates - we've such a high road toll at the moment, it kinda freaks me out.

I've been writing letters, clearing surfaces, doing wardrobe culls - basically sorting anything that has hung around for (sometimes years!) a while that has needed to be sorted. Pity we haven't yet gotten to the internal painting or wallpapering which has not been done for 15 years or so.... perfect weather for it too.

There has been knitting of the beeswax scarf and polygon blanket. Ordering of our favourite samosas made to order. School stationery purchased (really cheap apart from the $110 graphic calculator that can wait until one has had a maths class).

Strawberry picking yesterday - hot work and back killing! But 8kg (17 pounds) of strawberries in my deep freeze now!

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Central Otago travels

I really, really need a lot more time spent in Central Otago. This is my second visit in 2 years and both were only 3-4 day trips and there is so much to see! One day we'll do the Otago Rail Trail cycle ride.

These photos were taken in the tiny township of Ophir and it's such a cute little place with gold rush history back to the 1860s. We were basically the only people around in the middle of the afternoon....
This first photo is the road up to the amazing old bridge, which is quite an engineering feat!

 I keep on missing the very limited days/times that the post office is open, but I have posted mail from here. Ophir is in the middle of absolute nowhere and is known for it's extreme temperatures in both summer and winter.

 the long roads - so, so dry.
 Cromwell town - known for its summer stone fruits and cherries

 Clyde - i was stunned at the volume of housing that has gone up here - a great drive into the township and a huge, huge dam. Known for Touch Yarns...
 the old township is stunning and has divine shops, particularly a road back. This was the middle of a weekday afternoon... it was hot so we stopped for a beer at the pub - only ones there. cars around, but few people....

 Bustling metropolis ;)
 I'd love this house, but might go a bit dippy in a tiny township...

 Ophir township.

So much history everywhere - empty roads to this Aucklander! Hot weather. Stunning scenery. I'll be back one day!

Friday, 5 January 2018

Stitching Santa Swap

I took part in Sewchet's Stitching Santa swap last Christmas. I signed up for both the sewing and the knitting versions and then got busy making and buying themed things. Who we were sending to, was different to whom we received from. I know one recipient has received my parcel - I've no idea about the other person. One who sent my knitting package is anonymous but is a fellow kiwi from the South Island and I knew the awesome person who sent me my sewing package (it's a small world!). So i won't show you what i sent to either of my partners just yet.

These were the sweet gifts from my fellow kiwi - a hug bunny is a fab idea; fabulous scissors; a bright crocheted shawl and angora mohair - very pretty colours. I've never knitted with mohair, so that will be something new! Thank you so much anonymous! They are talented as I'm pretty sure painted the notecards too - some of which I've already sent to penfriends.

As soon as my other parcel arrived, I clicked to the name on the package, as we had been partners in a blog swap a year or two back. Ellie made the most gorgeous fabric bag which is now on a dresser full of sewing bits and pieces.

 Inside were lots of little goodies - notecards (I *adore* english stationery), a notebook (perfect for uni as Ellie says on her blog), one of her gorgeous felted hearts, hot chocolate sachets, ribbon, cotton, fabric (nice and brith) and cotton.
 look a the fabulous fabric -

Thank you Ellie and anonymous  and Sheila of Sewchet for such a fabulous swap! I'll show what I sent my recipients soon.