Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

crafty stuff

I really have slowed down in my knitting since I finished my exam (3 weeks ago tomorrow! I have popped back to the uni website a couple of time since to really check that my grade had not changed. Ha! It has still stayed the same.)
On Friday afternoon I am heading off to Dunedin to the Unwind Fibre Retreat. I am so excited. Excited that my cousin Jackie invited me along and excited about learning to spin and excited that lots and lots of wool will be for sale :) and excited that I'll be with a whole bunch of knitters to meet.
Anyone else going?

I'm doing lots of projects -
sewing more pj pants (honestly the humidity has totally KILLED me these past few days. Sunday i stayed inside and sewed! 88% humidity at 10pm is just silly... the fan is on at 7am and my 3 air cons at school turned on as soon as i walk in the door!) These are for nephews and nieces here in NZ and Switzerland and my boys too - 5 pairs sewn in an afternoon.

knitting plain socks for a friend -
a scarf (NZ wool processed in Sweden and found in a shop by a Swedish friend who sent it to me!)
just starting Georgie Hallam's new pattern - the adult version of Granny's Favourite - hooray -
Following along with One Crafty Mumma's dishcloth knit along...

 I am soooo tired at the moment. We are up to 93 new students. I have books for Africa everywhere and just cannot keep up.... Dunedin has come at a good time!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Initial Heart Swap

I am very late with the boat my for this swap. I was waiting, waiting, waiting for parcel to arrive at Kerrie's house - it only took 3 weeks between here and Australia!! I think we'll blame both NZ post and Aussie post for that one. I know of quite a few people who have said mail to Australia has been horrendously slow lately. it always took a week for mail to get from NZ to Aussie when we lived there. Who knows what the situation will be from July when we only receive mail 3 times a week - I hope they do keep on clearing it evey day???

Anyway this is what I sent to Kerrie  - there was a bit of stress around this as I had forgotten how to do a lined zippered pouch - the cross stitching was the easy part! I am rubbish at doing anything else when studying and the summer went by too fast and then it was, oh my gosh, i'd better get on with this swap! I loved how it turned out and might make myslef one sometime too, without the stress this time!

And a couple of weeks ago, this gorgeous pouch for me arrived from Lyn. I feel really bad as I forgot to e-mail her, and also misplaced the piece of paper in her package with her blog address on. I knew Lyn had a NZ blog, so spent some time on Thursday night going though my huge list of blogs trying to figure out who which blogger it was. Luckily Lyn had just blogged about what she had sent me!
I adore it. It was perfectly timed arriving around the end of my exam. Thank you so much Lyn - you are very talanted!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Day Three

Day three started off like this... we pulled across the curtains and went  OMG - I flew out the backdoor (in my underwear!) so fast and nearly tripped over the dear rabbit who had climbed up onto our deck.... She had bitten her way out of her home... Luckily we had a skip full of rubbish, so half the wardrobe door was cut up and nailed onto the side of the cage. Tonight we are buying a sturdy, strong, quality New Zealand made hutch from Trade Me. We are so thankful that Charlie was not harmed!

Renovations look like this -

i am in l-o-v-e with the original flooring still :).

After school I went to the Massey University website (which I have been stalking!) and discovered a
B+ against my summer university paper. OH MY - I am still gobsmacked and have no idea how I did that!!! I only basically wrote half to three quarters of the exam paper...  I know my internal marks will have pulled me up -WOW - STOKED. 4 papers in 15 months on top of working virtually full time in a demanding job/ children etc etc Whew!.

We don't need any more rabbit dramas here. :)

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Days One and Two of bedroom renovation

I cannot believe how fast the builder is working!

Day One: We are amazed at how the original wood has stood the test of time. We have a little bit of borer but otherwise all good.

Day two -

I am STOKED with the original floorboards - I am stunned that anyone actually really wants to lay carpet over such gorgeous floorboards! .The insulation and new gib wallboards will be finished tomorrow or ThursdayThe work is moving fast and the plasterer will be here over the weekend too. Then it will be the fun of painting - that is our job! Flooring polished and polyurethaned a week after.
All is going well!

Sunday, 22 February 2015


 It has been a VERY productive weekend. We have dismantled an entire room, got rid of A LOT more stuff and now have furniture spread around the house. The builder arrives tomorrow to totally destroy the room, put insulation in the walls (half of the house is un-insulated - so very common in older NZ houses - our houses are NOT known for their warmth and it does freak immigrants out...), rip out the awful wardrobe (not to be replaced by a permanent one either - less space to store stuff one does not need!), rip the carpet up and polish/varnish the orginal floorboards. it will be a lovely enw room for the teenager!

The upside is I get to have his desk in the corner of my bedroom. I have sat here a lot this weekend and written many, many letters, ordered several hundred photos to be printed on-line, found (finally!) Creative Memories stock on Trade Me at a price I am prepared to pay (months and months ago the prices had skyrocketed when the company folded - someone finally put realistic , normal prices on to sell the items - perfect timing for me. Once this is all used, I will flick over to Project Life) and sorted out stuff. I am enjoying the desk and perhaps it will be easier for me to study too. A place to spread out all my pretty writing stuff :)

I've been scrapbooking up a storm too - very basic simple pages to just get it done! And packaging up a few sweet gifts for birthday presents for even sweeter friends. I have also started cutting out pj pants for winter to sew up. The teenager is now spread out in the lounge for the next 4-6 weeks or so... record player included.

I'm looking forward to showing you the progress of the room over the next few weeks.
I have loved this weekend - we have two very tired kids after a weekend at a huge scout camp.