Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Mollie Makes / Cath Kidston Giveaway

I've been going through my bookcase - I need to clear space, as there is no new bookcase being bought in this house, BUT there are too many books to fit on the bookcases.... roll on 2019 classroom :) !

I found these 2 brand new Mollie Makes Christmas books, bought a few years ago and am kidding myself if I think I am actually going to make anything with/from them! The decoration one comes with all the bits!

I also found a Horrible Histories writing letter kit - someone must have a child/teen who might like this!

Leave a comment below telling me which one/s you'd like and I'll choose winners in a weeks time! Open internationally. Please make sure I can e-mail you easily for address too :) (one prize per person!)

Monday, 1 October 2018


Thank you so much everyone for your lovely wishes re my new job! I'm thrilled! I'm filling in the oodles of paperwork for it right now.

University is OVER! Like, as in, no more lectures or assignments! I'm waiting for something like 10 or so assignment grades to come back, then final grades!
The maths exam was *okay*. I've honestly no idea how I've done.... It was a fair test and I stayed the entire time. My great mates were waiting for me to finish and then we walked down to the pub (well I walked to the pub via the bookshop....)

I've finished these and in 24 hours have finished another one too, and then cast on my next one! I'm making a few for Christmas gifts as people have gone ga-ga over them! (They're fruit and vege bags for the supermarket).
I actually went to the supermarket for the first time in a month today too! It was all about uni the last month or so...! My husband does so much for me!

I've written about 10 letters since Thursday night too - this was today's pile going out...
 I went here today - ugh - not sure what it more traumatic - teeth cleaning or maths exams....
 And OH MY - I'm SOOOOOOOO excited about this! I won tickets to see the incredible Australian singer Paul Kelly at Neil Finn's studio on Friday night - oh my! This is going to be wonderful!!
 Spring has sprung!

 And a cheeky little impulse purchase from Kate Sylvester yesterday - I'm in love with it!

 And I started reading this! I am even more outraged with the Australian government and their treatment of refugees - I got to page 10 and had to stop reading! It's unbelievable that what is in this book is actually happening! I've since picked it up and it's harrowing reading! My dear twin brother bought it back from Australia for me last weekend.
 Sorting out magnetic lettering...

And I can't believe i have no more uni work to do. And I've 2 weeks of freedom to do whatever I want , when!!! Yippee.

I actually did skip across the campus on Thursday after exam and yell out yeehah when I saw my mates :) !

Happy week everyone!

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

I got a job for 2019 !!!

I saw my dream job/school advertised on Friday morning; flicked in an application within half an hour of the job appearing; had a phone call from the principal on Monday afternoon; a just over an hour interview this morning; then 10 minutes later a job offer!

I am SO SUPER< SUPER< SUPER happy!!! I'll be teaching a classroom of either year 1, 2 or 3 children! I'm blown away by the school and the opportunities! It's in a low socio-economic area, with a 4-5 year ERO cycle (Ministry of Education checks up on schools every 1-4/5 years depending on their circumstances - 4-5 year cycle is exceptional! It's like the UK Ofsted), huge vege gardens, orchard, a bike trail and many bikes at the school (many children do not have these at home), huge community involvement etc! And in my own classroom - not a modern learning environment.

And (cue hysterical laughter from all my librarian friends), the school is just around the corner from the Scholastic shop. So I , OF COURSE, had to go and do a celebratory shop for my future students. It is awesome knowing a general year level that I will be teaching now!

Sunday, 9 September 2018


From my phone this week .....

All I want is for the next 3 weeks to disappear. FAST. What i really want out of those 3 weeks to be gone is the maths exam... maths sends me into a total HUGE state of anxiety. I'm just hoping I don't start crying in the exam. I am having extra help at uni. It's not just me who is finding this new maths hard. We have to unlearn all we learnt donkeys years ago.
At least I know new stuff is getting into my brain.
I have HUGE amounts to do in the next 3 weeks.

The house is a tip. The letters are piling up. Little knitting is being done.

Today I went to the Nisa pop up store in St Kevin's Arcade. Nisa makes underwear sewn by former refugees. The quality is superb. There are complaints that it is not cheap. It's made in New Zealand. It's made by former refugees. I'm buying it for those two things alone! It's gorgeous stuff and gorgeous organic fabric and gorgeous colours. 

maths. I'm spending hours consolidating what I do in class at home. This is a think board....

 My side of the bed.... ha !!! It'll stay like this for the next 3 weeks... it might even grow....
 Friday saw 2 x A+ grades and 1 x A grade. YIPPEE.
 OOh my favourite subject again....
 Laughed my head off in the library when I saw this. A book for me!!!
 new purchases. Adore!
 It was cold every day last week. The woollens got worn a lot!
 maths at school....
And another week gone. Probably another finger nail or two gone too.... ARGH!

Thursday, 30 August 2018

today is all about books!

I heard about a Penguin/Random House book sale late last night and whizzed across the other side of town today. I came home with a HUGE pile - all $2-3 each! I've saved hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars. My future classroom might possibly be better than the school library.....

I've bought a ton of books this year. Uni has been really good for me to save money otherwise (well other than the $18,000 2 of us have spent on fess this year. I am so grateful for the 20 year old who pays his own fees from his job and who will come out totally debt free at the end of next year !)

 A batch of peanut brownies made last night.
 There must be little food in the house as one teen bought me his list... I go through weeks of doing zero food shopping - luckily the husband shops!
 More books bought last weekend....
 And the piles bought 5 weeks ago in Melbourne and Hobart in Australia....

I love my books! I'm so excited about sharing my love of reading with children next year!

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Spring is on it's way...

My gosh the days are flying by! I've been enjoying watching my daffodils and tulips pop up - I planted these 2 days after Mum died.

Lots has been happening - I am VERY happy with my 5 day break from attending university starting tomorrow. But , boy oh boy, have I got A LOT of essays etc to write! We are down to our final 4 weeks on campus - it is scary to think how close the end of the year is! Then we have a final practicum  in a school.
BUT i've got a massive maths test coming up too, which gives me major anxiety - I am getting extra help at university - it is adding another huge layer of work on top of the normal work load and I am being pushed waaaaaay out of my comfort and happy zone, but it has to be done! Still learning is a great thing!

Hopefully I'll try and get back into a decent blogging thing! 

 A daily sight at university - it is stunning!

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Supermarket goals met!

Well... it is mighty obvious that I have done little university work this past week, as I have knitted 3 fruit/vege bags since Tuesday night. That includes knitting my way through a lecture (under the bench! to keep myself awake... two entire rows in front of me were working on their cvs.....)

And I did the shop this morning and was feeling stupidly proud using them for my onions, potatoes and mandarins.

I've the fourth on the needles right now and am making myself finish an assignment due this Monday, before I sit down and knit some more..... I think about 6-8 of the bags will be a good number. And I'm pretty sure a few friends would like some - they'd make a perfect birthday gift I think too (well in my books anyway!). It is good to use cotton from the stash too.

Rather addictive little things, but totally useful !!!