Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

What to do

School holidays are fab. I have pretty independent boys, who for some days, I have barely seen. They are out and about on trains, buses, with friends, at baches etc, so I have a lot of free time.

My days seem to revolve around cups of tea, knitting, sewing and more knitting and a bit of reading. (we saw the genius Paul Kelly in concert on Sunday - such an amazing treat!). And a few pretty full on days at university for lectures on Pasifika education in a New Zealand context. I have had some pretty intense conversations with my lecturer (one of the top school maths researchers in NZ) - I have huge worries around maths in NZ and namely how it is being taught... one of my boy's schools say few are turning up in year 7 with the standard of maths they like and most students seem to have big gaps... They (along with my lecturer) detest the NZ numeracy project and have flicked over to NSW (Australia) maths. My lecturer puts it down to the teaching in multiple schools... all interesting.

Writing an essay too has been time consuming, but that is around tea, knitting and sewing. The days away last week and being at uni are enough for me to be out of the house. Love being home and pottering. New roman blinds for two other bedrooms have been ordered and we have also booked a holiday in Hong Kong in January, 2016 - boys will not know until Christmas Day and that will be their gift! Can't help it when the husband e-mails and asks "is this a good deal?". "Of course dear - YES". And love it when an 11 year cooks pancakes and delivers them to everyone in the house - this child will never starve.

Monday, 13 April 2015

"We are all completely beside ourselves" book giveaway

This book is just not me. I've tried. Read up to page 97 and ditched it. So who would like it? Leave me a comment below and I'll draw a winner say around the beginning of May.
I'll also throw in some Twinings New Zealand English breakfast tea, a shower cap I have whipped up today and some "crunchie" Easter eggs I discovered hidden today too. Open worldwide.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Filming a television commercial in our house

Nearly two weeks ago we had a television commercial filmed at our house. It was for Mercury Energy and their "glowbug" - a pre-paid power service.
It was a manic day, as we also had the entertainer Jackie Clarke at our school as part of the Duffy role model assembly - I'm the Duffy person at school, so had to run away to school first to introduce her to everyone at assembly, hand out all the free books to the students and then whizz back into town to watch a bit of the filming.
It was very very cool to see how a television commercial is made. Quite hilarious to walk up my hallway to see a complete stranger having a rest on my bed... The film crew really do take over your house! They were everywhere - furniture had been moved here and there; my bathroom was the make up head quarters; my bedroom the dressing room. There were lights and power cords and stuff everywhere; 3 people sitting on the long couch directing/producing via the lounge and a monitor - all rather fascinating to watch. The trestle table out on the front lawn with the crew and "talent" refreshments, lighting van in the driveway. I think around 20 people were here at one stage and few of them seemed to know each other either.
I met the talent - Tammy Davis - i honestly had NO idea who the guy was (which cracked up most people that I know) - I do NOT watch tv really - maybe 2-3 hours a week. He has done a lot of other commercials and was on "Outrageous Fortune" a NZ tv programme and other stuff I think.
The commercial is in the editing stages, and then they have to go back to the client to see if it will be accepted - it will be fun to see it eventually - I might have to start watching tv!
(and I am STILL cringing at the ripped wallpaper - the situation for nearly 8 years... on the to do list.....)

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

This is New Zealand...

ahhh - school holiday love. Two and a half hour drive from home. But I think I could have been in the Cook Islands or Fiji! Typical NZ over hols - half empty camp grounds and slices of paradise like this with few people around... Kai Iwi Lakes. (and no I had never been here before but have been to lots of other places! So many people seem surprised this is my first time visiting here).

Twas the husband's birthday yesterday - very low key to the point that he received a box of scorched almonds and that was it... i walked and walked around a shopping centre with no idea what to get him and then walked home empty handed. He does not mind - he is looking forward to the pair of socks which I will finish knitting for him today. We told the boys that this was the pattern for the year - no gifts but experiences - yep they were horrified! We were only joking. My husband is the most non-materialistic person I know and one of the happiest!

Monday, 6 April 2015

A night with the Finn Family

The Finn Family are some of my favourite New Zealand musicians. Whether solo, as a family, in Crowded House or Split Enz, I love them. I have seen them play multiple times, all around the country over many, many years. They played at Auckland Zoo quite a few weeks ago now. The best thing was the 16 year old seeing them - he was quite literally beside himself at his first ever concert (dang places that are R18 he says!) and has a growing collection of Split Enz vinyl. A very, very cool night. (the other two were totally dis-interested and spent the concert roaming the zoo.)