Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 8 March 2012

Boys new bathroom

About 2 weeks after we demolished
what was the only bathroom in the house, the husband turned to me
and said why on earth did we do that? We could have just knocked a door jn where bath was and moved bath to other side of the room!!!! Oh well.
I hated choosing tiles - husband
bought home 6 to choose from -
Small ones - then decided we would go to tile shop. Well we came home with huge grey rectangle ones amongst others! Decided to keep white wall ones
but the original ones ripped out and replaced with new ones just to
make the finish neater! Bath was
an impulse purchase by husband -
He figured you can't put an old bath in a new bathroom!!!!
Paint we started with 2 grays - chose Manorburn by Dulux. Flicked to the lighter colour the night before painters started and am happy I did!
The vanity was picked straight from a catalogue - was so over going to look at things!! Toilet re- used! Lights are the original ones too! Knew I wanted a glass shower - it is lovely!
Overall an easy room to do! Not too much stress at all although tiles wasn't that easy - I am not good with 2 much choice! See yesterday for a photo of bathroom - towel rail gone in today - yippee!
Now to get boys cleaning their own bathroom!

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