Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 22 April 2012

Cover husband ( well I can be clever too!)

The husband started building a garden box for me yesterday afternoon using some of our old deck. He finished this afternoon and it looks fantastic!!! I am so impressed! I cannot wait to be able to plant my winter veges next week in it. We will need quite a lot of soil to go in it. It looks fantastic sitting under my new bedroom bi- fold windows.

I am so proud of myself too - hee hee - last year I attempted to knit this cardie pattern starting with the sleeves. I can remember un- doing the sleeves 3 times and giving up in disgust and putting the wool and the pattern up in the attic in disgust!
Last week I decided to try again wanting a new knitting project. ( I have another 3 things I am currently knitting - husband says i am a true "not completer finisher" and will bounce from project to project!
Is anyone else like this? What are you currently making?
Anyway i persevered last night and got the pattern! I did end up un- doing most of it after spotting a mistake - it can drive me nuts not having perfect knitting. No-one else may be able to see the mistake, but I can!

I am making huge progress on the sleeve today - usually I knit too together for the kids but not for this - I rarely knit tops for me and I really love it so far! It was a lovely day with summer weather again!

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