Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday 16 June 2012

It is winter!

Had a very cold week this week. The South Island must be bitterly cold.
Cold today but like most of the week ,
a gorgeous sunny day. Lots and lots and lots of laundry done and successful ly dried outside. I am not a clothes drier person - I am an outside blowing in the wind/ sun etc person. I adore hanging out laundry, folding up etc but do have to be in the mood for ironing!!
I most definently could not live somewhere where there are restrictions on what can be hung outside. We are lucky having a fully enclosed backyard, so no - one sees anything in the yard. Noise on the other hand...
I am also known to hand laundry outside in the dark and in low temperatures all ready for the sun the next day!

I am totally stuffed up with a cold. A big cold. Wondering about those lovely tonsils again. Have been to the Little Craft shop for more wool for another project - a little cowl knitted in cable! (a first for me doing cable!) My vest is coming along nicely.
Tomorrow I will cut out bunting and sew it up for a friend's daughter's bedroom. Sewing bunting is new too.

Everyone else is kicking around doing their own thing today. 2 games of soccer. Both lost. Getting a little frustrated at the 9th grade team - lots of new players who may not be the most skilled, ( including my child) , but they seem to be on the sideline more while the ring-ins 2 grades below kick around and play the game as the coach wants winners. Who cares about winning??? I really don't! I just want these kids to get a go in their team!

Off to knit and write ! Do you like laundry? inside or outside???

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  1. Me too with outside washing. We have gorgeous sun outside today and I am getting as many loads as I can done- at least winter in Brisbane it's usually sunny most days. good luck with the cowl- my MIL just made me one and it's fantastic. melx