Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday 7 July 2012

motivation in school holidays

I am a BIG home person - my kids on the whole are too! We can always potter around the house and find things to do! Obviously for me this involves knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, writing, reading, studying, baking, preserving, jam making etc. Oh and the never ending housework and laundry.
We have had some stunning days these hols and I have been motivated to go out a bit more than usual.. other day to the museum and today on the train into the city, a walk around the newish Wynyard Quarter - Auckland has opened up a whole new part of the waterfront and it is gorgeous. Today we splurged at a water front cafe - probably something my husband would not do with the boys, but he is away, so off we went! :) Great fun! And another fantastic visit to the National Maritime Museum - free to Aucklanders ( just like the Auckland Museum.). The boys always love looking at museums - we struggle with Auckland being such a small city (to us!) and having so few museums. The Art Gallery had a big spruce up last year too, so we must go and visit that as well.
A little bit of more wool buying today too - crikey that is the 3rd visit in a week! But I can now finish the middle child's jersey, which was started over a year ago. I have learnt that when you buy wool you buy a lot, especially if you are going to stash it! The problem with the wool which I started knitting with , was that it was so old I could no longer buy it OR match it. So it had to be undone and then re-knitted in stripes, only to run out of the 2nd colour... sigh!!!! It really is only for camping and tramping with the scouts, but still has to look half decent.

Tomorrow will be a day at home I think! I do love this city - it is so beautiful - I do think we need to go out and explore more of it!

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  1. My boys would have loved those boats,looks like yours had fun!