Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 14 October 2012

Crafty holidays

I have loved these holidays! A wee side trip with the family, movies, MOTAT visit, hanging out with friends, baking, gardening - my fav things (week children's movies I am not too keen on ). I have also finished my year long course which will give me a
National Certificate in Maori. Yippee - no more study!

It has been a very crafty holiday too - today I was thrilled to finish some bunting for a girlfriend's daughter for her upcoming birthday. I am so thrilled at how it has come out and really want to make some for myself now! I love it draped around my backyard.

I also have started a Miffy cross stitch bought last year at the Dick Bruna House in Utrecht, The Netherlands. (oh! I bought so much in that little shop - a mug, postcards , bag, pencil case, books etc!). I chose this chose this one, as it will remind me of my Dutch holiday and all the bikes in the Netherlands!

I have also started another pair of socks - I love the diagonal pattern which did take me a while to see, my last sock took me over a year to finish - I hope this one is a lot quicker.
No more study! No more study!


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