Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 4 October 2012

Slow days

Holidays! Love them! (as in vacation time.)
It is a relaxing 2 weeks in our household. I love sorting and organizing my house every hols as during the term we seem to bumble from week to week to week term after term!
These hols started off wonderfully with a gorgeous bunch of surprise flowers from the dear husband hoping my last day of term 3 was going well! A lovely, lovely surprise! He never sends me flowers! I thought I was going to cry in front if a bunch of students!
We had such a backlog of laundry and the backyard looked like a Chinese laundry along with a washing line full of washing.
I have been reading a bit lately about how many USA folks are banned from hanging washing outside due to their living arrangements/ apartment rules etc etc - how crazy is that? I could not handle having laundry outside in the sun. Even in the winter it is outside in 5 degree weather!!! And I am known to hang it outside at 10-11pm at night all ready for the next day! :)

The next day we did a pantry tidy up. I love it now! Can not believe how much expired food we threw out - yikes!

Days so far have been spent at the
Movies, MOTAT, with playmates , starting a Miffy cross - stitch, writing snail mail and one I am very proud of - finishing my scrapbook of our trip to Belgium, The Netherlands and Kuala Lumpur. All finished - writing and photos! I sometimes am known to start lots of things and not finish them, so have been making a big effort to finish stuff before I start something else!

We are heading off to the South Island tomorrow for some good times. Interrupted by the husband having to fly to Sydney. Once again he is out of the country during the hols!

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  1. Wow,sounds like your holidays have been very productive,I'm trying to finish off one project before I start another too.Can't imagine having to dryer dry washing.Enjoy the hols.