Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday 17 November 2012

Mad About Bags Christmas Cracker swop

This festive season I am involved with several bloggy swaps. Several are handmade Christmas ornament swops and another is Mad About Bags Christmas Cracker swop. I have been paired with Tracy from Mad About Bags ( and her sewing is gorgeous!) and also Anne from Victoria in Australia.

Anne's crackers arrived today! We are supposed to send them in a cardboard tube, but in this house we are a long way from finishing any tube, so I
made one today and the other one will be wrapped in fabric.
Anne's was gorgeous - the wrapping wow! I waited till my husband was home to show them to him before I opened them. ( He thinks us swappers are all crazy!)

I loved the cupcake cross stitch bookmark especially and the little divine DMC needle case - so sweet. The buttons were gorgeous too and lots of fab fabric to add to the stash! And 2 such pretty handkerchiefs - one even with the letter K on it! How fabulous is that? And such a sweet little birdie ornament too. It is amazing what you can fit into a cardboard tube! I have hidden the chocolate from the boys.

So exciting to receive gorgeous goodies from around the world! Thanks so much Anne - loved it! and Tracy too for organising it!


  1. Our first pictures of crackers, what fabulous goodies, lovely colours well done Anne and Kimberley!

  2. Have you seen this Kiwi Mummy Blogs christmas cracker swap
    I've signed up !! !!