Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 27 January 2013


I woke up this,morning with tears running down my face - ye-ow! I think first thing in the morning might be the hardest. Okay later in day and I think because I am taking my drugs bang on the time like hospital said too - even if no pain , just take them to build up pain tolerance , as they say pain will get worse over the next few days before it gets better!!! I laughed at the volume of drugs I received at first, but now I think it will be easy to get through all the bottles!
I do feel exhausted and think I am exhausted because I am spending too much time sitting around, but no, my body IS exhausted! Rest!! It is hard and days and days to go.

So I have been doing some cross stitch, sock knitting (oh how I love this "Happy Go Knitty" self stripe wool!), making blueberry muffins because they are soft to eat and have started making some vege/ pork hock soup! Soup does seem crazy in this heat, but I love soup!
I just don't know what I want to eat and I feel starving but don't feel like eating! Jelly is good too, but icecream has no taste. Maybe my taste buds have changed slightly?

My mum and dad are coming to visit - I started this wrap skirt in the lime green fabric/ co-ordinating flowering , which I love, but have gotten a bit stuck on the pattern. Maybe mum can help?

And I ADORE "The Simple Things" magazine - wish I had bought the first issue when I saw it. I told myself I did not need it... Sigh!

Just done a feeling sorry for myself Book Depository order too...


  1. I hope you have better days post op than what you are expecting. Take care,
    Anne xx

  2. I thought you were supposed to be resting, cross stitch, knitting, baking and sewing doesn't sound like resting to me! Lol