Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Surf and a SPA on the beach at Hot Water Beach

A lazy day today - interviews for goal setting for the 2 that started school yesterday! All tied in its the "habits of the mind" - something I think I need to learn about! The 3rd child does not start school for another 2 long weeks....
I am not sure how I will go with me recovering from the tonsillectomy and him being here - we will see!
Have spent hours yesterday and today making class library cards - a bit of a nightmare using 2012 barcodes in 2012 classes and then being matched up to 2013 new class lists... No library system working yesterday nor photocopier at school, so this was a long winded way to do it, so teachers can use library without me being there. Well that is if someone sorts out my computer....
Might make for a tidy library when I return if it gets little use......

Photos today from Hot Water Beach. A must do for every kiwi and tourist!!!!
2 hours either side of a tide you can go and dig a hole in a particular part of the beach and the water will be HOT! Pretty crazy seeing it - a beautiful beach and all these people crowded into one part of it with their spades digging, digging, digging( and taking photos!!!!). Quite an amazing experience - the boys did not believe us until they experienced us. Always a race to build the walls to keep water in and then the waves coming along and crashing it all over and then more wall building, a bit of a sit down. Lots of people dancing around and going hot, hot, moving over a bit, digging some more. A real community thing! The local store has spades you can borrow to dig - we got ours off someone who had finished their digging, and then passed it along to another family when we had finished. A very very cool thing!

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