Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Daisy Row's Springtime Easter Swap

Daisy Row's ( Springtime/ Easter swap was the first swap I have signed up for this year. I was paired with the lovely Tracy from Mad About Bags blog. We have swapped before, so I was delighted with my swap partner - Tracy is an incredible sewer!
We had to swap Springtime/ Easter goodies and these had to fit into either a 500g or 1 litre container. Luckily I had an icecream container (or 4!) in the freezer after my tonsillectomy. We never buy icecream as we have a child who is very impulsive and who would try and eat the contents in one day. And I refuse to deal with the arguments around this, so it does not come into the house! And we buy our butter wrapped too, so don't often have any plastic containers!

My swap arrived today! OH MY! A whole container of goodness! I love stationery and these sweet cards (I wish wish wish we had decent stationery in NZ but you would struggle to find notecards here!!!!!!!!) are perfect. I have never seen wool like this before and love the colours. I might make a wee cowl for myself with this.
Chocolate for Easter - yummy - and I will save this until I get my taste buds back. ( I had chocolate around an icecream last week and hated it!! Very sad. I have tipped wine down the sink ; cannot stomach cereal , milk, jam or toast for breakfast - bit of a disaster at the moment!!)
The pins are fantastically long and will be great for quilting.
And look at those carrots! Aren't they just the sweetest thing ever? I love the fabric choices. These will go on either a kitchen table display for on the mantle piece.
And the buttons are very sweet too - there is even a butterfly one!
I am in a mad cross stitch phase at the moment, so threads are fab! And tulips are my favourite, favourite flower - I adore this fabric. (I wish flowers were a lot less expensive here too!!!)
And a sweet clothes peg - this will go onto the side of my kitchen calendar to peg school notices etc too.
And adorable ribbon!

Wow! I love it all so much and think this is my favourite swap ever!! Sometimes I do wish we lived in a country that had more distinct seasons - well I could move south I guess and I most certainly would! (Dunedin would be awesome....)
Thanks so much Tracy.

I will blog about what I sent another day, as mine has not turned up as yet in England.

Have a look at Tracy's blog - she does lots of fantastic sewing and will sew on order and always has items for sale!


  1. Wow, isn't it amazing how much you can get in one of those containers. Looking forward to seeing what you sent to Tracy. Thanks for participating,

    Joy x x

  2. I'm so glad you liked everything, I received my box yesterday and will be blogging about it later xx thanks for being a great swap partner xx

  3. Hi there
    Just love all those precious bits and bobs You,ve received from Tracy and I,ll echo your comments that she is a great swap partner. She was my partner during the Christmas cracker swap and the contents she sent me were great as well as very generous. Those last posts of yours have also been very informative and given me more ideas of what to send You for the four happy things swap.
    Keep well


  4. What a great box of goodies, I love Tracy's carrots, I bet you don't know anyone else who has fabric carrots. :)

  5. Hi Kimberley

    I am taking part in the swap too and busy making some bits to send off and eating lots of ice cream! Your box of goodies look great and those carrots are fab! Really liking your blog too.