Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Strawberry Jam goodness

I had to clear some of the freezer yesterday. We have made several trips out to the strawberry farm on Kirkbride Road in Mangere this summer - cheap strawberries and fresh strawberry icecreams which are the best! They also have a range of other high quality vegetables and herbs to buy.

Strawberry Jam:
1 kg strawberries - hulled
6 cups of sugar
1.5 teaspoons of tartaric acid (cream of tartar)

Put strawberries into large pot and crush with a potato masher or fork.
Add sugar and stir in thoroughly.
Bring to the boil and boil for 5 minutes.
Add tartaric acid and boil rapidly for another 5 minutes.
Pour into sterilised jars.

(sterilised jars - wash in hot soapy water, rinse and then place in oven on bake at 120degrees c for half an hour).

To make sure jam is set before bottling, I put a small teaspoon on a plate and urn my finger thought the middle of the jam. When the channel stays open, the jam will set!)

Makes about 3x 350 ml jars - I use jars that are a lot smaller though!

Yummy with the pike lets we made today!

And I was thrilled to get one of our bargain chairs back from the reupholster today - gorgeously covered in same fabric as my bedroom chair and varnished beautifully! What a big difference!
We only paid $50 for the chair from Trade Me and it is a vintage "Don" chair made in New Zealand many years ago.

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