Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 18 February 2013


Visiting the city
Seeing the start of Auckland Fringe Festival at Myers Park
Boys listening to first ever live jazz
Visit to the city library (I was the only one to take out books! We have so many at home on our own bookcases boys don't need to borrow anything!)
Watching Ryan play table tennis in the city (first time and tricky for a left hander!)
Visit and a wee impulse shop at the Japanese $3.50 shop - divine -
Knitting socks
Admiring lettuces and cucumbers and peppers in my vege garden (watering a ton as we are in a drought basically!!
Eldest made gorgeous waffles for Sunday breakfast
Cousins over from France for dinner ( no photos - forgot!)
New striped merinos - love merino! Love stripes!!
And listening to a poor child try and figure out how to fit a ton of new homework in around his social life!! Time management will improve over time! New schools are great but a huge learning curve!!!!!

How was your weekend?

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