Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 15 March 2013


Yay for the weekend. I am whacked. Had very little get up and go the past two days, although I have gone into work but am feeling very un- motivated there at the moment too!

- some book buying planned for school
- new Kate Atkinson book is out so that is on my list for me!
- sailing, soccer and a party for one child
- perhaps some more bottling of pears and making tomato sauce
- I really need to buy a winter wardrobe for one child
- laundry. Always laundry!
- and it is apparently going to RAIN this weekend. Woo hoo!!!!!!!

Scarf knitting coming along nicely - I really have figured pattern out finally without having to un do!
I have my next shawl pattern and wool ready to go!
Last winter I made myself 4 different vests / cardigans and an adult kina - I really do not have the room in my drawers for another item for me! I love these things, but am such a loose knitter. I have finally learnt to knit on 1-2 size needles smaller than the pattern states and then my tension is fine!
I would like to knit myself some fingerless gloves too.

What is everyone else crafting?


  1. I'm so glad you are feeling a little better even if not motivated. Tummy bugs are yucky.
    You do sound very busy despite illness, always nice to have something to look forward in the crafty line. Fingerless gloves will be nice for winter. I'm more of a crochet person than a knitter, I'm too impatient for knitting.
    Anne xx

  2. What fabulous coloured wool - what brand is it and did you get it in Auckland?

    1. Hi Julie - it s a Misti Alpaca one. I bought it at the now sadly closed Little Craft shop in Pt Chev. Try Milford Wool Shop on Kitchener Road in Milford. Wool heaven !!!!