Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 24 May 2013

Hum bug

End of a week.
House is a TIP.
Not vacuumed for two weeks.
Bathrooms terrible.
Laundry piled up with wet stuff everywhere and 2-3-4-5 loads to wash.
Just burnt the dinner.
No other food in the house. With a birthday dinner and takeaways already this week, have already spent around $150 on eating out (teenagers are NOT cheap eating out!).
Wet weather.
Wet soccer boots and sneakers (I cannot get them dry to wear next day - friend said to turn heat pump on to do this. Have had fires more this week...).
Threw those in the clothes drier and killed said pair of sneakers.

Oh dear! 

At least I met the opposition leader David Shearer at school and had a good chat with him on poverty etc. he is a good guy -  I think several kids were brainwashed by his charm - they are the future of the country! It was fab to see him sitting around with some boys playing the ukulele and guitar with them!

I think a weekend spent at home is a good idea!


  1. Hope you get lots of knitting done Kimberley.

  2. Sounds like a week you'd love to say goodbye to. I hope you have time for lots of wonderful crafting. Get those hungry teenagers to help with the housework. :)
    Anne xx