Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Pukekohe Delights

It was my aunt's birthday, so I took her out to lunch in Pukekohe , a rural township south of Auckland city. I grew up only about 20 minutes from Puke, but oh my, what a transformation the township was! I was stunned at the volume of traffic and how busy the place was on a Saturday morning!
It did make me think how delightful to just walk into town and buy things from strip shops (the high street) would be instead of the soulless Westfield shopping centre 50 or so metres from my house. 
The township felt like a real community with families out and about, children in sports uniforms, eating out etc - a totally different feel to city girl me!

I found a fab vintage cafe called Kaos - loved the vintage chairs out front (my grandparents lounge suite), vinyl covers on the walls, a record player playing and I loved the brunch - a very busy place but very quick to bring lunch! 

And - OOPS - a gorgeous , divine wool shop!!! Oops. :). I do not live near a wool shop and have to drive down a motorway to get to one (not my favourite part of Auckland to be driving around either!), so yes ... I bought a few balls. The Happy Feet sock wool was only $5 a ball which is incredibly cheap to me! (made in China.. I am usually a NZ 100% wool girl supporting our industry). Loved the new (NZ brand) Waikiwi sock wool colours too and bought a gorgeous orange set. And a couple of new patterns..

A lovely day out with my aunt - I need to do things like this more often.

Sock knitting has continued ... I dodged the horrific rain we have been having to take these pics of my latest ones!

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  1. Oh my! That wool shop looks just the place for me....that alone would make my day!!! Mind you!!! brunch looks yumish too LOL!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)