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Creative Chaos

Sunday 16 June 2013

The last film shot on 35 mm in New Zealand needs your help - please read and help with pledging!

I heard about the last short film being shot on 35mm being made in New Zealand yesterday.

Please help these lovely people achieve their aim by the end of June! New Zealand has an amazing film industry and we need to help support it and keep it going!

Please read this press release - 

CANDLELIT PICTURES are running out of time to make a film about

running out of time!

Candlelit Pictures last short film Runaways screened in the official selection of the prestigious American Film Institute Festival in Hollywood last year, this year we’re trying to go back to the same festival with Hold Your Breath - but we need your help to make the film before we can even submit it!

Peter Jackson's company Park Road Post, along with Queenstown Camera Company, ImageZone, and the Wallace Arts Trust - have all come on board to support the film already, roughly to the value of $50k, however almost all of this sponsorship is in the form of gear - so we still need money to pay for everything else you need to make a film (gear, flights, shooting on location, lighting, props - and all the other things you can see on the screen!). If we can't get the film shot by the end of June, Park Road will close it's film processing lab (which is the last one in Australasia) - and our window to make the last short film shot on 35mm in New Zealand will have closed!

The film is called Hold Your Breath - and it's about a woman named Ann who has just two days of freedom before she's incarcerated for at least a decade. The film is a reckless adventure in

the South Island, where Ann attempts to make such potent, vivid memories, that she might be sustained by them through her time in prison. The film aims to inspire it's audience with the question 'What would you do if you only had two days?' It's a meditation on memory and youth - and appropriately, we're running out of time to make it.

 We've started a crowd-funding campaign, that aims to raise $10k in just eight days to cover things such as shooting on location, lighting rigs, props, food for the crew, gas, and more. It’s really ambitious - and we’ve been overwhelmed by the support we’ve had already - almost $4k in the first day! However we need your help if we’re going to make it to $10k in just eight days!

If you're open to it, please consider posting a link to our Pledge Me page on your blog - we’d be super keen to help create specific and unique content for you if that helps, just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll hit you back with everything we’ve got!

Since we started Candlelit Pictures in 2010, the purpose of our company has always been to create visually beautiful, well written, and well directed works of cinema that commend our little island to the rest of the world. We’re young and enthusiastic, we love living and filming in New Zealand, and we love working with celluloid more than we love eating!


- Share our Pledge Me Campaign on your blog, and through your social networks - encouraging

people to give today’s coffee money to a worthwhile NZ film! Every $5 donation brings us

closer to making this film a reality! - Pledge money yourself.

You can read the full synopsis of the film here if you’re interested.

If you’d like more information about this, or to schedule an interview with Jordan Dodson, Alix Whittaker, Anna Duckworth or any of the cast and crew, please contact Alix Whittaker on 027 600 6565 or at 

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