Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 11 August 2013

Scrap booking bonanza

In between doing loads of laundry and in and out of the drier and the Chinese laundry and a gorgeous lunch out at The Fridge in Kingsland, I have spent the weekend sorting out photos, developing 3 memory sticks of photos and then scrap booking galore!

I started scrap booking in 2002 when we lived in Melbourne , using the Creative Memories style of scrap booking. I was gutted when a couple of months ago I heard the company had folded! I have a lot of paper/ stickers etc but am down to my last 2 packets of pages and page protectors.

*** if anyone knows of a compatible system / pages that I can use in CM albums, please let me know!***

I use to do huge amounts of scrap booking, but now just RIP into it several times a year. I do very simple scrap booking but love it, getting the boys stories and photos into the albums. I have over 35 albums .... A lot of work and money invested but it is our lives and stories told! The boys each have their own albums , I always have a family album going for day trips/ holidays and if we do a major overseas trip/ big NZ trip these always have their own albums. I can look at the bookcase of these albums and know from the colour what is actually in each.

I am a very messy worker... Luckily I have a very tolerant husband and kids! And I take over the dining room table. See how half ofit is empty - that is how we ate dinner in shifts tonight - hee hee!

I really recommend people print photos out too for future generations and label them with date/ who/ where/ ages of kids!!

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