Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Through the days

Rain. A lot of rain. Day after day. Laundry - yikes! 

Storylines 20th anniversary meet at National Library in Auckland. Storylines is an annual New Zealand children's literacy festival. Seeing lots of famous faces (oh please vote for Len Brown for mayor - he is a good guy - lows literacy and books and so into making Auckland a city for our young people!). Meeting Joy Cowley (wow but not the first time for me and getting yet another of her books autographed - I have an amazing collection of books autographed!). 
Joy with the late Margaret Mahy's grand daughter. Meeting Sally Sutton of the "Demolition" picture book . Great night! (Joy and Margaret are two of the best known New Zealand's children's authors. There work has been published all oer the world and both are internationally recognised for the calibre of their work!)

Knitting. Oh knitting. Finished the main body of the cardigan tonight and then ripped it 4 loooong balls back as something was wrong! Frustrated! VERY frustrated. Put something like "I am pissed off with knitting" on Facebook ..... Oh dear. 300 odd stitches back on needles and I will carry on again and change pattern to suit me..... Did not like the drape.

Started running a "Reading Together" course for parents at school - looks very promising. Reading is so not easy for Los of children and families everywhere!

More new books.

Los and lots of rain - bucketing down now!

First reconciliation for the youngest tonight - I took him along as husband sick . I was asking what reconciliation was.... 

Anyone else met any literary heros? What are your favourite go to children's books?

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