Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 13 September 2013

A glance at a day

Views of the library - the first run of stocktake completed with 600 books misplaced - best result ever. ( it will go down by a lot hopefully!!)
Will scrutinise misplaced list over and over and re- scan and re- scan and re- scan and up - end classrooms eventually... But we have 11 weeks left , so lots and lots of time! Series that I know things are missing from will be stockpiled and quarantined....

Breakjamas day - meeting teachers at school at 7.15am and walking down the road with them; then the entire school walking back to school - all dressed n their pyjamas for the day!

And the outstanding child made me surprise marmite toast (at 6 am - I am not a morning person but was so stunned sat up n bed and gobbled it down! ) - so so sweet.

Day ended well for him with a principal's award! The 2nd omen two months! And the principal mentioned the brekkie in bed too. :). Happy all round.

Weekend plans anyone?

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