Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Possum Wool

Loving this new wool - - bought in Knit World in Wellington. I am knitting a cowl for my mother's birthday in a few weeks. It is gorgeous.
60% merino; 30% brushtail possum and 10% silk.
Possums are a pest in New Zealand and we can kill them on sight! They are strangely (to any kiwi) a protected species in Australia. Possums decimate native trees and native bird's habitats face destruction and nest invasion by possums.
Beautiful to knit with. Adore the colour too. Also bought a few balls of the 10 ply.

Cupcakes from school and hooray - my copy of this gorgeous book arrived -

Go and visit Kate's website too - love her whole philosophy on life and her most recent post on knitting different peggy squares. I too have this same knitting book and one day will tackle the squares one by one.

And sewing scout badges on - not my favourite activity. Kieran is very much looking forward to the New Zealand Scout Jamboree later in the year.

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  1. You have been busy love your yarn x

  2. Oh yes! So strange our different takes on possums, as an Aussie. I don't mind them, when I see them walking on the power lines or in the trees. But not in my house.

    We had one living under our house, in our garage. Not fun. We couldn't get rid of it! We boarded up all the holes that we thought it could get through to get under the house and thought we had finally done the job, then one night it surprised us when we found it in the garage again. It was getting through the gap above the garage door. I tried to shoo it our with a broom and it jumped on me! The whole neighborhood would have heard me scream. I still have a scar on my foot. Not quite so keen on the good old possum now. Though I am sure they make lovely wool! :)

  3. I do like that wool colour. Very unusual but lovely.

  4. I love wool!! I prefer it to crochet and to knit with! I just joined your blog, and I hope you will stop by and join mine too. I came here by way of the Made by Hand Thursdays blog hop. Lovely blog, and I enjoyed my visit here very much! Sandy
    Sanderella's Crochet blog

  5. The cowl you are knitting looks lovely, and it sounds like it should feel lovely too.

    I'm always amazed at how the possum is completely different in New Zealand and Australia. Here on our farm in Queensland, Australia we used to have a big, old possum that would sleep during the day above the door way in the shed. He was never bothered by our coming and goings.