Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

To do

School holidays! Yay.


Look for i-pad memory stick thingy so I can down load photos!
Clean up my bedroom
Fold about 10 loads of washing (5 on the clothesline)
Sort out summer school uniforms
And I think i will throw out the grey winter school uniforms totally (10 years of wearing and starting to look hideous. Means I will have to buy the new uniform for the last year of school but oh well! SO OVER GREY uniforms!)
Make chocolate brownie
Knit another sock
Empty Christchurch bag
Pack for Hamilton ( everyone is laughing at this - holiday in Hamilton??? YES.)
Package up giveaways to send off
Vacuum entire house
Tell the boys that unless they want to go to Pukekohe today- tomorrow in between stuff , we weight just stay home ( 2 are teenagers and will not surface till about 11 am and the 9 year old is not much better!)

Yesterday I helped weed a school library  - love it - lots and lots of piles of hundreds of books piled up to withdraw. 

 And man it just bucketed down so ran outside to retrieve washing and now it is sunny again... Weather is supposed to be good today!

What are you to these holidays?

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  1. Nothing wrong with Hamilton - great museum, zoo and gardens. Some good craft/fabric shops too. Enjoy your holidays.