Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 25 October 2013


A bit of crafting this week - stitching, another (very slowly) sock being knitted , a new book to read
And the Travelling Stationery Box has returned back to me. What fun going through it - only a few things of my original stationery is left and a bunch of new sweet stuff. But I will be strong and only take 1-2 things I think and send it on its way overseas. Might even be very strong and see what else I can  part with!

Surprise for the nearly 10 year old - just waiting for the husband to arrive home before we tell him we are taking him to Brisbane, Australia tomorrow for 4 days. He will be beside himself!!! I am nearly beside myself at waiting (since May!) for his reaction! We have always taken the kids somewhere when they turn 10 - usually with just one of us, but we decided that both of us would go with him- good cheap $300 return flights! Will be a fantastic weekend!!! 

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  1. I loved going through the stationery box. Love the look of those Christmas stars xo