Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 11 October 2013

Using my brain

Spending time working on this sweet cross stitch which I started a while ago! Gives my brain a good work out as it is stitched in 28 count and can do my head in with the tiny counting! I am sure it isn't perfect, so am having to re- space as I go!

Starting knitting a cardigan and hat for a wee baby yet to be born in Sweden - using this lovely bright 4 ply wool from Touch Yarns in Geraldine.

And I have taken the plunge and re- enrolled at Massey University! Taken me a few weeks to work through with them as criteria/ papers etc have changed and it has been so long since I studied at university!!! I am more than half way through my BA in history which I (ahem) started 25 years ago! (along the way I have lived in 3 countries, had 3 children, gained a library qualification , worked through 2 house renovations etc etc.) it won't take me another 25 years to finish as Massey has now put a time limit on finishing degrees - I have 8 years to finish the papers! Actually really want to finish it earlier than that.
The paper i have enrolled in (from November 18 to February 12) is "The NZ Land Wars". I am looking at doing another 2 next year alongside carrying on working, family life etc!!

I am currently doing a digital course through the school library association and also last year did a Maori Course through Te Wanagna o Aotearoa, so I am not outof the study mode, which will help!

Has anyone else done any study with a family?


  1. What a busy lady, good luck with your studies xx

  2. Love your study choices. Good on you. I have been thinking of enrolling in a Te Reo course. Something to think about xo

  3. Wow! You have been and will be busy , good luck with the degree x