Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Poetry recital

I love that Ryan's school does a poetry recital every year. It is fantastic!
We are no a school production school - yes okay they may be great - but from what I see elsewhere so much else goes by the way for an hour on stage over 2-3 nights....
I am very happy that his school does not do them... And in fact we don't even do a end of year concert either. Just a prizegiving for 2 or so hours and an assembly for walking school bus certificates, school librarians etc. That is IT for the end of school year celebrations !
No pre empting of Christmas allowed either , so no Christmas Story being told either....

Poetry assembly was fab and Ryan had a solo part which he did brilliantly at! The younger students were in giggles at him.

My favourite poet ever is James K Baxter. There are some gorgeous children's compilations out, of his poetry.

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