Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 18 November 2013

Two weeks in

Two weeks into my university paper , I wonder if I have done the right thing.

I have been motivated and have been chipping away at it most days, which is a good thing right?
And I will have all of January off school too. It is at the stage now where I will sit at one all weekend, every weekend writing essays etc - my poor kids.... A good thing that they do see how much work you do need to put in at university.

I do need to get over the guilty factor I have in knitting, stitching etc when I should be studying...

It is everything else at this time of the year! End of year concerts (and I am so grateful for a school that only holds a prizegiving, no end of year performance and does not do end of year trips - what is it about a trip just because it is the end of the year? I don't get shared lunches either..) , exams (oh boy - average mark in the year 10 English was under 50% - highest mark 66% - hard exam! ), shopping ( not doing much because, quite frankly cannot be bothered and no one I know really wants much anyhow.) etc etc

28,000 books to scan in stocktake - 21,000 done but it is the hundreds and hundreds of missing ones, the ones people say they have  returned, the turning classrooms upside down etc.
It drives me nuts - I do have a sidekick but don't expect much from her as she is too busy doing other stuff apparently - a lovely parent help is saving my bacon at the moment by spending hours shelving and scanning too. And still 3000 books out.... I actually quite like getting everything ship shape at the end of the year. 

Anyway all is good.  What amazing weather we have had over the past few weeks - summer is so here in Auckland!

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