Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Beginning to get the feeling

As much as I have adored opening an advent gift every day, that has been the sum total of my Christmas love this year.

I am quite over spending money just because and on stuff that nobody really needs. Everyone I know needs not one thing... Even my children!

I have so struggled with buying even one thing... Ryan has 3 books and a big box of Lego; Kieran a running shirt, donut maker (yay for K- mart and $15 appliances) and headphones and the 16 year old so far as zilch... And I have not one idea what to get him. He is anti stuff (just like his Dad) and a tight wade a the kid who has saved a lot of money in is account to spend one day!

And we have decided not to do Santa. And my kids get very little from anyone else (family overseas no longer send anything)... Should I be feeling sad about this??

And nothing for me neither as I don't know what I want.... I don't really need a thing apart from TIME - to do university work and time to knit.. (haha for that last thing!)

Anyway the lounge mantle piece looks festive - adore my little birdy bunting from Tracey in Australia.
And our advent calendars from Phoenix stationery - ALL their items are gorgeous !
Strung up our cards - not looking too bad for a country that seems to be not  really be into sending cards... Finally posted my bundle on Monday - am sure that the European ones will not get there in time...
I made the Winnie the Pooh cross stitch while living in England in 1996/7 and also the Santa was made while living in Melbourne in 2002. Love both!

We will pick up a pine tree on the way home from school pick up today - Ryan finally finishes today at 1pm. Oh the trials of getting him out of the house this last week "school is useless. We aren't doing any school work. It's boring. I'm not going." Today's words... He went with no school bag or lunch or anything - totally disgusted with me for making him go. Sigh....


  1. Your mantelpiece is looking very festive!! Its hard not to get caught up in the whole buying for the sake of buying scenario isn't. Sorry I can't offer any pearls of wisdom for the present buying although perhaps vouchers for doing favourite things in the coming year told you I wasn't much help didn't I!

  2. WOW look at all that beautiful snail mail! A dying art! Well done.. Yes eventually the kids realise that the important bit is the hanging out with your loved ones... Right now there's still magic at this time of year in our house!