Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 27 December 2013

Getting my craft on

I love the end of Christmas Day with just the 5 of us! It was a day off studying for me, so I finished my cross stitch (One of Alicia Paulson's adorable kits) finally - could have it it done months ago.
I also sat knitting at our family get together so was able to finish a pair of socks too. Yippee.

I have only been doing little things like this plus knitting  dish cloths since November when my study started.( I gave a couple of dishcloths to people who would appreciate them for Christmas. They are loved! Yay!!) Desperately need to finish a vest due in Sweden too.

A big road trip is coming up and when I am not driving I will be knitting. I have started another sock this morning - this time a fancy pattern one which should not be too hard to do. 

Other than that, picking up needles when there is my second essay to write makes me feel very guilty... Second essay topic is "Was the war in Waikato inevitable?". Yes it was folks!

Any stitching/ making going on elsewhere?


  1. I did that kit at this time last year. It's so pretty! I bought the summer one, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

  2. Oh, your cross stitch is divine! I love Alicia's designs. I'm still trying to finish knitting a never ending baby sweater - I'm on to the final sleeve - before embarking on a baby blanket. Usually baby knits are so quick, but this one seems to have taken forever! :)

  3. love that cross stitch, I find anything with an alphabet theme so appealing! might have to check out her patterns :)