Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 22 December 2013


Summer has long been here in Auckland! We are heading towards needing rain fast and soon.
Last summer was a massive drought - I think it may be forecast to rain on Christmas Day. Oh well.
I plan on spending a few hours with extended family and then back home with just the 5 of us.

My great friend April came up from Auckland last weekend - we had a blast running around town.
We went to Newmarket to visit "Little and Friday" cafe - i had no idea it closed at 3.30pm on weekdays.
And I was so surprised to see loads of shops shutting at 5 pm too - in Newmarket??!!! And 12 days out from Christmas???? 
We went back on the Saturday and loved it. 

Since i survived another year in the NZ education system, i went on a wee shopping spree for myself! bought some gorgeous fabric from Marthas fabric to make a cushion these hols (and a NZ made cushion inner - yay!); soap from Lush (never see Lush very often); Bensimon sneakers from Father Rabbit (gorgeous shop!); and a nightie, serviettes , a duvet cover for Kieran, citronella candles and a toilet bag from Citta ( inspired by the gorgeous serviettes Elaina sent me as part of the Advent Swap. Citta is so close to home but I have jut never gotten there!!). Quite the spread for moi.

We had a fab brekkie at Petit Bocal on Sandringham Road and April was stoked to see Liam and Elroy Finn (Neil Finn's sons) at the next table. Stephen and I would have had no idea who they were....

And a visit to Martha's Backyard - the USA food shop - April being North American stocked up well!
I bought a few items.

Sunday morning was spent freaking out at not being able to find my memory stick with essay on it (learnt the lesson in that you save in more than one place....) - ran out to school and there it was in my computer ... Sigh.

Then a drive over to Devonport to have a lovely picnic. Gorgeous view of the city.
We are making this an annual get together - this year I have been to Christchurch and her to Auckland - maybe we will go elsewhere in NZ next year! It's fab catching up with great friends from out of town!

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