Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 16 January 2014

Eight days and another swap to participate in!

We have been home bodies for about eight days now! (with the exception of food shopping, post office visits and dropping stuff off to an op shop.)
I am lucky boys do not seem to mind and figure, well, no one has asked to go anywhere , so I sit and work on that essay....
Two of the boys start school next Thursday (!). Stationery bought and textbooks have been ordered and we are pretty much set to go.

A friend dropped in some wool - not just any wool - wool that she had spun herself! I am so chuffed!
I am the test knitter apparently!!! Isn't it gorgeous?! I think some fingerless gloves might be in order.
Late birthday gifts of this calibre are more than welcome. This is so treasured! Thank you so much Melissa!!

Another swap to participate in too - head over to Tracy at to sign up. (I still have no idea how to do links on an i-pad. I apologise!)

My sewing machines were taken in for a service too - long, long overdue , so I will have to get my thinking gear on for this one! It will be a sanity saving one, like the others which i am signed up for, - around study!

Are you all set for the new school year?


  1. Beautiful wool...i'm a spinner the colours!

  2. Those colours and textures look amazing can't wait to see what you make x

  3. I am so not ready for school to start up again!! I really need to sort it out before it sneaks up on me!!
    Your wool is gorgeous!! Home spun has got to be better than store bought anyday!
    Thanks for signing up to the Valentines Swap!!

  4. Love the colours of the wool, hope you find time in your busy schedule to enjoy it!! :)

  5. Lovely wool Kimberley. I haven't knitted anything for ages but I'm beginning to get the bug. I absolutely love the dish cloth you made for me in the Christmas cracker swap and I use it ALL the time. It's great and I just put it in the washing machine at the end of every day and it's looking as good as new. I wonder if you would mind letting me have the pattern as I'd like to make some more please. I hope you don't mind. Thanks.
    Patricia x

    1. So pleased something so little brings pleasure and is used daily. :) I think the cotton was an organic UK one too. I have written a blogpost today with a couple of patterns - the one I used for yours is the Down to Earth pattern. (first one.).
      Enjoy knitting!