Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 10 January 2014


The pantry has had a good sort out; the bedside drawers cleared out; summer wardrobes gone through; desk cleared out - all avoidance of one essay...

Will start up in the attic in a day or two - giving myself a deadline of tonight to have this essay completed -  I am very sentimental and have quite a bit up there... But do we really need it?
Have started with the sewing bins of fabric etc and need to put it all in one place instead of spread through out 3 different cupboards! That can wait till essay finished!

But I found this cross stitch pack which I have decided I do not need, so it's a giveaway!
Just leave a comment and I will pick a winner in the next two weeks or so probably when school goes back! It comes with thread, needle and aida cloth - all you need!

Also received in the mail two Lego club member packs - if you would like one, just comment too and two other comments will get these too! Older boys not that fazed about the lego thing anymore...

Oh and the very delayed winner of the Lego giveaway just before Christmas is OP SHOP MAMA - e - mail me your address and I 'll send it off to you.

And two sweet dishcloths done to mail off for someone's birthday completed..


  1. We have just started our lego journey! Please put my name in the hat, thank you xo

  2. Would love to enter the cross stitch giveaway too, thanks xo