Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday 25 January 2014

my list

inspired by Elaina over at
Making - a sock in 2 days while studying and 7 dishcloths in 3 days (can knit both without looking)
cooking - Nosh butterfly chicken for dinner
drinking - water
reading - about General Cameron, Donald Mclean and Governor Grey (NZ history)
wanting - IT issues sorted at school - grrrrrhhh already
looking - at freedom in 17 days after exam!
playing - i wish.
deciding - what to write notes on next
wishing - for things not to be complicated this early on in year
enjoying - bi fold windows and french doors in bedroom wide open every day till late
liking - summer holidays
waiting - for other people to do their job
wondering - why nothing changes
loving - my dear family for giving me freedom to study
pondering - when i will get to a Spotlight next
considering - whether to enrol in number 3 paper shortly or wait
watching - Charlie the rabbit
hoping - that my i-pad here at home (keeps on blanking out), if wiped and re-installed by teenager (whizz at IT) will still go (and i really don't care either way now)
marvelling - at how fast these hols have gone
needing - to sleep - not great lately
wearing - Old navy denim shorts from many many years ago
smelling - Mor body lotion
following - nothing on tv - do not remember what week i last watched any
noticing - garden needs watered
knowing - study will get finished
admiring - not John Key after education shake up - me, me. i'm over HERE. The expert school librarian who has won a ntional award. i'd like more than $28K year... (YEP!)
buying - Typo goodies last night - marked down and then again at checkout - gorgoeus packs of notecards for $4 and a big picnic tin for $15
getting - nowhere fast with study while doing this
bookmarking - new blogs
opening - tin of salmon for lunch
giggling - at Charlie rabbit
feeling - pretty cool about most stuff

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  1. Love a list! I think I will try and do these once a month xo