Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Two Thousand and Fourteen

(not a fan of saying Twenty Fourteen....)

So, here we are in another year. I rarely set resolutions - in the past couple of years they were simple things like learn to knit socks (mastered that well and truly) and sew a hat. (done too.)
This year I want things to be simple!

- save more dollars (I can easily save more and stop buying things like wool... Willpower going well as Knitworld sale on and have not been near it...)
- do the basics at school with an emphasis on digital searching for staff and students
- spend grant money at school -  a lot to buy and a bit daunting in time frame!
- pass 3 university papers this year (working full time as well but am on track for first paper and enrolled in second)
- keep knitting and use only from stash -  gloves with a thumb hole is my new skill to learn!
- house tidier
- do not bring stuff I do not need into house!
- garden more (vege garden going well)
- shop more locally for veges etc
- join a milk co-op
- walk in wardrobe shelving completed
- house painted inside from lower hallway down
- new carpet in boy's bedrooms
- trip to Bendigo for me
- boys happy
- big exams for oldest which will be huge!
- get Ryan through last year of primary without too many dramas/ bullying 
- go out more with Stephen
- explore Auckland suburbs
- diversify dinners
- make things simple for our family and worry about ourselves! 
- read more (but do find this hard with university papers)

I do like things simple and have simple needs - as long as I have writing paper and a pen, books, wool and a camera, I am pretty easy. A happy, healthy family is good too!

I like a brand new year!  Best thing of 2013 - getting my tonsils out!!! Changed my life! Pity about food tastes/ issues which have developed since but such is life. I feel a lot better not getting constant tonsillitis. Ears another matter... But all is pretty good!

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  1. I'm not a fan of twenty fourteen either, your list for the coming year sounds great I like the idea of keeping it simple x