Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Windy Wellington

Last week we spent a couple of days in the little big smoke - Wellington - our capital city. We worked out we had not been here for 8 or so years with the boys! Wow!
It is so much cheaper renting accommodation for only 4 people! We got an awesome deal off and stayed in very central apartments right next door to St Mary's of the Angels Church (sadly closed due to the earthquake risk.). Very cool apartments and an awesome location to just walk out of the door and be bang smack in the centre of the city.
We hit the city the two days they had horrific winds but it was neat to show the boys the weather that can have! ( and they will be buffeted again tonight!). The winds got up to 140km while we were there - hilarious being on top of Mt Victoria looking at the views.
A great city to walk around , which is really what we did! Love the cable car - one decided that would be pretty cool to catch to uni every day from his Lambton Quay apartment - the kid can dream!
Good food - even at Te Papa and fairly reasonably priced there too - that day the wether was just too foul to go and find a cool and funky cafe sadly. The Central Library is bloody awesome and ranks up there as one of the best in NZ! Way way better than Auckland Central Library for bookstock!
Te Papa obviously ranks up there as a must go! 
Good pizza at Electric Lights in Courtney Place too. Great city - still love it from Library School 22 years ago! Yikes!! 
The two days were a good taste of the city for Joshua (made a big impression but he loves gloomy wild weather!) and Ryan too.
I've decided I could live in Kelburn....


  1. What's that globe thingie that seems to be floating in the first pic? Looks like an awesome place, pleased you enjoyed, despite the winds x x
    Joy xx

  2. More amazing sculptures and architecture, I wondered about the floating silver ball too. How love that they named a shop after you xx