Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 2 February 2014


Dinner out with lots of lovely Auckland bloggers - nice to put faces to names and to meet some new people. Bit strange isn't meeting people who you have followed for a while... No photos from me though.
Phoenix vs Adelaide at Eden Park - great game! No photos either as I was too busy jumping up and down waving my knitting needles around (yes I knit at Eden Park!) and yelling
STUDY> OVER IT. Pai Marire, Whitaker, Nene, Te Rauparaha, Heke pokai, Te kooti - yes - I myself have no idea who half these people are yet either! A lot of work for a 3% component of the exam - 20 people to know but only 5 of them will appear in exam...
Making banana bran muffins. It is each to their own in this house for school lunches now - year 6 on my boys do it themselves! I just make sure baking/fruit etc all there and they help themselves. We very very rarely buy lunches at school. Huge waste of money to me. (I also very very rarely go to a cafe/ do take-away coffees etc or do takeaway actually - not a fan. Also not a fan of any food court...)
Eating home made bread rolls with lettuce and tomatoes and cucumber from out garden. the best. Now we just need all the peaches to ripen up to make peach chutney with. (we always use the Digby Law recipe.)
So much washing/laundry done. Glorious, hot for Auckland, weather. (of course it is sunny - school is back and the poor kids have to sit in classrooms with no air conditioning units etc.The Ministry of Education will not fund aircon units ...Schools can have them but pay for them themselves.
Learnt about a decile 9 school which is model MLE (modern learning environment) with all the bells and whistles for technology but barely any books in their library - I DO NOT like how this seems to becoming the norm and god help any principal who ends up with my kids in a school like this....
back to study! Hope everyone is having a fab weekend!


  1. I do NOT like it either . . . I LOVE books !!

    It was so lovely to put a face to a name and to meet you on Saturday night

  2. I hate hearing about schools with not many books. Reading books should be a part of every person's daily habits, not just on a kindle etc.