Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 3 March 2014

jury service and drought

I am on jury service this week.
Today involved sitting in a room for around 2 hours with multiple delays due to "legal argument." First ballot of 50 people called. Not me. (thankfully as this trial is 10 days long! I am panicking about library after 1 day let alone 10...).
A bit later sent home and told to come back at 2pm.
By this stage BORED. Very bored. Knitting needles had been confiscated. Wrote a letter. But even I cannot write letters for 6 hours straight. Forgot book at home.
Went home. Got uni work. Went back. Sat in room for another 2 hours. Trial on. Then trial cancelled. Then trial back on. Another ballot. Not me again. sat around some more waiting to see if they needed to re-draw more names.
3.30pm told to go home. today - about an hour of uni work and many hours wasted time. I have WEEKS of work to do at school. And I am sitting there thinking about it. Watching crap day time tv.
Tomorrow - straight in with uni work I reckon. I have apparently 4 more days of this to go - I am hoping I really do get on a trial because then I will actually have achieved something.
The backyard. we need rain urgently!


  1. Perhaps it's time to learn to arm knit/crochet, they can take your arms and yarn from you surely!!! ;-) I hope things get going soon x

  2. I've now been out of law long enough that I could be called up *sigh* but have not yet been ...
    Lol at what Tracy said
    And yes desperate for rain

  3. That sounds really rather boring! I am glad thazt I am unlikely to be called up for Jury service here in France.

    Thank you for my lovely, lovely gifts, Kimberley! I have posted about them here ( I hope yours reach you safely.

  4. I have never (touchwood) been called up for jury service. I dread the day. We have finally had rain this week. The vineyard pump (we use the bore water for the garden) has been broken so have been using buckets to water by hand using the house water and it takes ages xo