Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Bunny love

I bought these gorgeous recycled blanket bunnies at a school gala a few weeks ago - love them! I am sure I could make some myself - have never made pompoms and have plenty of wool, so maybe it is something I should try these school holidays... They are for a niece and nephew, but might not make it as I think they are adorable...
one more sleep and it is the holidays. Quite, quite happy to have 2 weeks off work. very little planned apart from weeks of study to catch up on and write another essay due in a month...
These are the lovely retro icecream sundae glasses (I know there is another word for them - someone tell me. I am brain dead...), hundreds and thousands (sent as Taz
who organised the swap has a cool magazine called "Hundreds and Thousands") and yummy organic chocolate sauce that I received from Monique as part of the Vintage recipe swap. What a great gift! Fabulous idea. We now need to buy icecream - perfect treat for hols! The littlest has been putting chocolate sauce on his apple pieces - ha!
Any Easter traditions in your house?

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