Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 3 April 2014


I cannot believe a week has gone by! I have been crazy busy. So manic dealing with school, that it has left me exhausted every day after school. Very little university work has been done... I have spent 1.5 hours working on an essay tonight and I want it finished and sent in by this Monday for critiquing. But then I have tutorial stuff to catch up on...
I have had 2.5 hours of parent teacher interviews.
I have spent 2 hours today with an educational psychologist and a kid - man that helps to explain A LOT .It is exhausting going through this all over again 4 years on... But now I have to go back to the school and have long discussions... then I turn up at my school with yet another back log.
School holidays cannot come soon enough in this house. We are not going away, due to the oldest having exams a week after hols...
Some sock knitting has been done - very good stress reliever for me, even if it means stuff that has to be done is not getting done...
RAIN! Right now!! Thank you God. Keep it raining!!
A fabulous stationery swap with Lisa here - go and sign up. Just discovered Kikki K has an amazing new range out called Uppsala... Lots of goodness right there in one shop.... eeeeekkkkk.... I am too tired to up load photos... hopefully I will catch up on sleep tonight too. Now I am going to take myself to bed and listen to the rain - a glorious pleasure of which we have not had for a long time!


  1. BUSY! I just splashed out and bought some Uppsala notepaper! It's a lovely range.

  2. I hear you re sock knitting oh it is so relaxing but my poor crochet projects are being ignored ... Please send more rain tho !
    Hope life slows down for you soon