Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday 31 May 2014

Lazy weekend

We have one child down with a bumper crop of tonsilitis - he has slept and slept. White Cross (emergency doctor just around from our house and just as cheap for us to go there than drive a few suburbs across to real doctor) had an hour and a half wait yesterday at 8.30am - we thought it would be quick at that time of the morning. The child threw up in the packed waiting room - poor thing - and he was moved but had to wait longer still. Antiobiotics and we hope it will help. Best thing I ever did was getting my tonsils out last year!

Belatedly into a soccer team with a different club. School could not field a team as too many kids pulled out - grrrrrrhhhhh - but we have saved a club team apparrently (a few unreliables in this team too) and into division one without a trial. He got player of the day today too - it MUST have been a MALE who switched the old green socks to white socks this year. Even soaking in napisan, they will not be able to be kept white! (blue socks from last weekend's game.)
 Sox load of laundry dried outsid today. I am one of those nutter people that hand washing outside the night before - it paid off today. A stunning day!
 Lots of dishcloth knitting here.
 Time to wear my knitted socks. ( I have too many pairs i think!)
Soccer pics -

They were white socks...
Fire wood all chopped. A bolar roast has been in the crockpot for hours. It will be more studying tonight. Hat started on Thursday night and 3/4 way there already! Loving it. HAppy 3 day weekend kiwis!

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