Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

I can do it (and YOU can too)

Not tonsilitis but strep throat! So I spent a day at home yesterday trying to study and knit in the sun , while the youngest recouperated. I know of 9 students diagnosed in a day with it in the last week!
The autumn leaves (the few we get) are stunning here.

A very pleased lady here with another brilliant university essay mark - I still have an exam to do in a couple of weeks, but only need 5% to pass the paper - DONE! :)

I want to tell you that you can have children and study and that you can do it! I do find writing essays stressful and have been awfully un-motivated this semester, but have been steadily working every day for days on end for the exam. I have a load of free time after school (my boys are pretty independent and get their own afternoon tea etc, do homework by themselves etc without me having to chase it up.. and the good husband cooks dinner A LOT). I have been kinda amazed at how well I have done with effort, but not as much effort as I thought it would take...
I have a phenominally demanding job in a demanding suburb which can wipe you out day after day dealing with not just education. I do lord knows how many unpaid hours and have a huge amount of overtime owed and do need A LOT of down time/ time by myself to just chill out.
But I can do it and am sure you can too if you are thinking of study. School thankfully paid for this paper, and I have another 2 papers to complete in the next 8 months, which will take it to 4 this year - not bad for a working mum, on a school board too and general running around. You just need time and organisation to be your number one friend!

(and tuilps from the husband are gorgeous and welcome!)

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  1. Well done !
    I too am celebrating my marks this semester - it's been well worth the stress