Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 21 July 2014

A Little Bit of Wonderful Colour Swap

Miriam did a wonderful colour swap a while back. I so loved doing this swap!
My partner was the wonderful Elaina - you can see in her post the goodies I sent her. (Oh! I have not knitted a dishcloth for over a month and so miss doing them! Usually I knit lots over the hols, but did so little knitting these school hols!)

Two weeks ago, about 10 minutes before we left for Australia, I could see a dark shadow on the other side of the front door (like a lot of NZ houses we have "holes" - yes we can see daylight coming right under our front door where there is a gap of a few millimetres!) - courier package! This was ripped into very fast, as we had to get to the airport and do a "park and ride shuttle bus thing" to the terminal.

OH MY. I had to leave the house and leave it all behind! :( It was sent to me by the lovely Sarah:

Sarah really hit the nail on the head with me - yellow, orange, tea, writing and knitting! The embroidery is stunning and as all my friends say, it is SO ME! It is now on top of my bookcase in "my corner". The tea cup and saucer sets (6 of them) were picked up from an op shop - ain't they just the most daintiest sweetest little things ever? Loving the yellow tea tin and the tea - a new tea for me (A T2 shop is a few suburbs over from me and I probably get to the shop once a year!). Sarah also sewed some funky notecards too. An amazing swap package - Sarah's first ever bloggy swap ever too. She did very well - I did extremely well from such a generous and divine swap! Thank you so much Sarah.
And to Miriam too for swap a cool swap idea!

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  1. Sarah must have done some serious stalking on your blog because your parcel is perfect - she did a great job xo