Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 4 July 2014

Oh Happy Day...

I am ridiculously happy -
*school holidays have begun. (so de-moralised at the state of the NZ education system after this term.)
*it was a gorgeous sunny day
*new windscreen after a major rock incident earlier in the week which left me shaking
*washing dry outside and 3 more loads already pegged out for tomorrow's sun
*and I passed my Language and Literacy university paper with a good pass - yippee (next one - "Maori Responses to Colonisation" starts in a week!!)

Now to try and decipher the Bendigo Woollen Mills pattern that has had a bunch of us knitters scratching our heads at what we all think is a very poorly written pattern!Knitting 2 different pairs of socks, gloves and 2 different cardigans!

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