Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 7 July 2014

Swaps with Elaina

I have been joining in with a few blogger's swaps here and there lately. Loving them and the generosity and fun which comes with them!

I took part in a stationery swap hosted by Lisa. I was paired up with the lovely Elaina. A wee giggle here as this is about the 2nd or 3rd swap we have been paired together with.

Elaina sent me a very very cherry bright package - cheery because of winter and all the rain we have had (and the cold - I donot normally feel the cold, but am very glad of my merino tops and tights this winter!) and cheery because of all my study I have been doing (honestly it takes over my ENTIRE life every day for months on end and we start the cycle again next week....).

 love gingham and retro wallpaper (all my school exerise books were always overed in wallpaper like this!).

 gorgeous notebooks (one is now my knitting notebook) and notepad (where I keep my wool paper  bands in while knitting, in case I run out of the wool and need lot number etc)
 funky washi tape
 a sweet wooden stamp
 deer cards
and a cute pen! Love it all and it cheered me up!

The next swap was Miriam's. What a neat idea. I again (cue more laughter except this one was a secret swap and Elaina had no idea I was her partner until my package arrived at her house - as she says, NZ Post need to give us special postage rates to each other's houses!) was paired with Elaina.
One of her favourite colours is yellow, so i sent her a yellow box of goodies -

washi tape - I have discovered Paper Vine and mailed ordered these - quick service! (I find it SO hard to find washi tape in shops!).

A knitted dishcloth (I adore making this pattern), a Kikki K mug (no Kikki K where Elaina lives - I would get withdrawal symptoms!), Body Shop soap (I had not been into a Body Shop for many, many years), and drinking chocolate. A neat swap idea. I am patiently waiting for my wee package to arrive from someone, somewhere.


  1. I told you we need to organise a special postal rate with NZ Post! Happy Holidays xoxo

  2. I love these swap ideas. I must get in on one of these swap things soon, they look like lots of fun. Who doesn't like getting a secret package in the post!