Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 24 August 2014

Slow Sunday

Today as been a very slow day. We have had the most stunning weather all winter - in tees and shorts on the deck.
I am so far behind with my university work that it has entailed the vast majority of the day reading and note taking. Everyone else ran away bar me and the year 11 student who has exams starting tomorrow. (a 3.5 hour English exam - Tuesday is a killer with exams from 8.30am to 6 pm - 2 x 3 hour exams and one 2 hour exam - YIKES). All down to his subject choices.

But there was a gap today for my first ever Lemon Honey make - looks good - the two tiny jars I made - just hoping it isn't too runny..

Then a bit of knitting and reading inbetween - I have a conentration span of reading/writing for about 25 minutes.

How has your weekend been? Sunny? Any jam making??

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  1. Hi Kimberley, I like the sound of your weekend. We took things easy here as we were all recovering from a vomiting bug. We haven't had sunshine in ages, I really need to see some blue sky. It has been grey and blah here. Your lemon honey sound delicious. Do you like marmalade? Let me know if you do and I will pop one in the post for you xo