Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday 15 October 2014

More Rotorua pics

A few more photos from our wee break in Rotorua. I stumbled across the stunning Ohinemutu Marae and St Faith's church. I had seen many photos of this over the years, but it was quite a amazing to walk through such a spiritual place. There are little bubbling mud pools and steam all over the palce in Rotorua - this one was right on the shore ofLake Rotorua. There is a definite rotten egg smell to Rotorua too - the smell of sulphur from the hot pools dotted all over the city. We didn't do any trips to any of the geothermal areas this time, as have seen many of them over the years, but it is always incredible just to see steam coming up from anywhere/ from grills in the side of the road, to see steaming, boiling mud in parks, baths in yards etc. Rotorua is  a fab place for a few days away and has many activites to keep the entire family busy.

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