Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 6 October 2014

Rotorua Yarn Bombing

We are a couple of hours south for a few days in the thermal city of Rotorua. Wet and wild with strong winds, which had me stranded at the top of the gondola/luge this afternoon - I had gone back to the cafe after a few luge runs, while the others carried on having fun (driving rain on the chairlift had me wet and cold and wanting a cup of tea). Next minute power is off. No cup of tea...
rest of family half way down the mountain,  on their luges. They ended up walking down; me a passenger quite a while later in a minivan from the top to the bottom.
A wee adventure really. Quite happy I was not in a swinging gondola or chairlift when the power went off.

We did a walk around the city early evening. So many spring flowers. And yarn bombing. Look what I discovered - love! Found a fab wool shop too, but closed today, so I will wander back up the road tomorrow morning.

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  1. Yeah you found it !!! Isn't that tree amazing - I didn't see the post/pilars you did tho ... There was more yarn Bombing outside the ice cream shop down by the lake