Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 3 October 2014

Swap photos and September happenings

Hooray. I found my missing memory stick with the photos of the gorgeous swap from Elizabeth.
Lots of gorgeous divine things received. I'm on a bit of a cross stitch binge at the moment, so these lovely colours will be used and I am drinking a lot of tea during the day too - loving this tea.

September was crazy - I imagine it won't get any quieter, although I've totally stuck with Christmas this year - I'd rather like just the five of us to run away together for it. Everyone else in the family has done this in past years, so I feel it is our turn and I need to get over the guilt over doing it.... And I am stumped for gifts as no-one I know really needs a thing including my own children (who have told me it would not bother them if they receieved very little... really??!!! - bar a trip or money...) and I am not a fan of wasting money on stuff. I think a "doing" gift like trip to a zoo or museum or something might be more useful rather than stuff...

A child learnt to knit (oh this delights me so much! And he is quilting at school. QUILTING! My oh my.)

A bunch of teenagers visit for the afternoon and you end up with multiple laptops for enterainment , then wandering around a shopping centre (spending up large at the supermarket on junk food).

A child dressed up as Mr Twit, complete with cornflakes and weetbix hot glue gunned into his beard, for Book Week.

There were weekend concerts at the Cloud in the city for the trumpet player.

And soccer prizegivings with a medal for being top of their division.

A good, but crazy month, with another essay written as well. Now it is all exam prep for tow of us - Cambridge IGCSE exams and university exams. I've one, while the poor kid has 14....

Hope school hols are going well. I am so enjoying my free days!


  1. I LOVE the Mr Twit costume!!!! Seriously amazing! I'd love to run away for Christmas too!

  2. I know what you mean about Christmas. We ran away one year before Christmas to escape the marketing and busy-ness but we actually ended up feeling flat. Now we priortise things that are important to us, and actively avoid commericals and marketing. I'm giving my family a Zoo encounter this year. Auckland Zoo has them, not cheap, we're going to do the cheetah experience at $160 per person (and limited to over 10years I think) but much better than 'stuff'.