Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

crafty stuff

I really have slowed down in my knitting since I finished my exam (3 weeks ago tomorrow! I have popped back to the uni website a couple of time since to really check that my grade had not changed. Ha! It has still stayed the same.)
On Friday afternoon I am heading off to Dunedin to the Unwind Fibre Retreat. I am so excited. Excited that my cousin Jackie invited me along and excited about learning to spin and excited that lots and lots of wool will be for sale :) and excited that I'll be with a whole bunch of knitters to meet.
Anyone else going?

I'm doing lots of projects -
sewing more pj pants (honestly the humidity has totally KILLED me these past few days. Sunday i stayed inside and sewed! 88% humidity at 10pm is just silly... the fan is on at 7am and my 3 air cons at school turned on as soon as i walk in the door!) These are for nephews and nieces here in NZ and Switzerland and my boys too - 5 pairs sewn in an afternoon.

knitting plain socks for a friend -
a scarf (NZ wool processed in Sweden and found in a shop by a Swedish friend who sent it to me!)
just starting Georgie Hallam's new pattern - the adult version of Granny's Favourite - hooray -
Following along with One Crafty Mumma's dishcloth knit along...

 I am soooo tired at the moment. We are up to 93 new students. I have books for Africa everywhere and just cannot keep up.... Dunedin has come at a good time!

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  1. Your knitting skills are amazing
    I haven't crafted all year GAH GAH GAH
    But I have blogged and I have caught up on reading blogs