Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 3 April 2015

A Good Friday

Hooray for school holidays (and staff leaving. The one that frustrated me and made me cry a week ago at school. A bully gone.)
A Good Friday. Hotcross buns made by the husband. Lots of knitting. And not much else. (An essay to write these hols though and a few days at university too). And negotiations with teens about 1-2 nights away... That is all we want and then they can do what they wish for the rest of the 16 days!

My plans - to finish this cardigan, to write letters, that essay, to lunch at Villa Maria with school friends, cafe visits with two friends to catch up (other school librarians chit chat), plant winter vege garden and not a lot else.
Enjoy those school hols people down under. Any plans for anyone else? Whew - I love hols - they can save me! No book buying though as I have massive piles of new books waiting for me to find time to deal with them at school.
May the Easter Bunny visit too (no chocolate for me thanks.)


  1. Jeez your husband is a keeper! Do you think you can go the entire holidays without buying any books???? Ha! So happy the school holidays are here. Am hoping to get my winter vege garden done too xo

  2. Happy Easter Kimberley! Your cardi is beautiful. Buns look delicious X