Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 29 October 2015

flying through life

Far out! My days are flying by. I'm dealing with stuff like this:

A kid telling his mate his English school work is "pure crap".
Parent having to deal with the resulting phone call from English teacher. Then my principal telling me the kid is probably right. Ha! (but the kid should not be wording things like that!)
Losing a butterfly from my very favourite ear-rings.
Losing my cell phone.
Losing my brain over study.
Dealing with lesbian fiction at school. (I'm fine with it. Others aren't. Queue big debate nationwide around said book/age/cultural boundaries etc)
A tip of a house. Husband won't let me touch it. Study he says. Bless him.
Somehow some fingernails still look good!
Copious cups of tea.
Actually knowing what my essay questions in exam will be - whoop. But still freaking out!
Gorgeous blossoms.
A kid that will not eat breakfast nor take lunch to school. Sigh.
A kid with a major mosquito bite problem. We have it all to combat the things!
Another kid doing Cambridge exams. So laid back, not funny.
Great chat with principal. He is hilarious. He thinks BYOD is BS. (his spelling!) and is not into images of higher deciles.
Snail mail piling up.
Knitting died right down.
Vege garden exploding with this warm wet weather.
Turning down stuff/social things. That is a winner for me!
The middle child has achieved excellence level at school this year and has not even sat the exams yet.
And a phone call from the Chinese teacher warning us of the workload expected in year 8 next year for another kid.
And yet more piles of more delicious new books at school! They keep on coming!

There is yet another big box at school too of more on top of last week's purchases. Lots of good stuff comes out before Christmas.

5.30pm November 9 can't come fast enough. Neither can Christmas hols.

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  1. I laughed WITH you. not at you!
    School....tough times for the parent folks.
    The rhythm of the school calendar is soothing to me now that we have no students in the house.....
    and a teacher in the house